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In the stand below list features inside the environment that might help or slow down communication. In that case describe in more detail how these kinds of features could help or hinder communication. Features in the environment How may this help or hinder communication? Lamps People with a hearing or sight disability need very good lighting as they may need to be able to see your face features to find out what you assert to them. (Reading lips). Distractions People would not manage to hear you if you are within a busy and noisy area.

One example is; if you have some friends and everybody is discussing at once the person who can’t hear very well won’t be capable to hear the conversation. Positioning You need to be facing each other to help you read the other persons facial expression and body language. To help understand what they may be saying to you. Barriers Limitations block will be view of the other person this means you will impair about us understanding and ability to hear the person.

You can also think uneasy. Such as; when you go to the financial institution and you have a separated glass in between you. Space

You don’t want anyone to be as well close to you as you would feel uncomfortable and uneasy. We must feel comfortable with your partner to speak well. 1 . 4 In the table beneath list and describe why an individual may possibly have certain communication demands. Then discover a Learning difficulties like down syndrome will have an impact on householder’s communication because it can impair the reading and presentation. They can believe it is hard to create certain words and phrases which are hard for others to understand. They also help to make their own method to talk to others. Depending on how much their disability gets control them.

Physical disability such as Cerebral palsy which is harm to the brain can compare someone’s hearing and speech it all depends on what areas of the brain have been destroyed. Also different physical afflictions affect the body such as lack of head control or cosmetic muscle which is making it hard to talk to others or for them to figure out. A mental health condition like dementia is hard to get in touch with because they may start to hallucinate and see items that we are unable to. We have to remind them of particular things his or her short term or long term memory space has been affected.

They may commence to not understand what we are expressing because they have forgotten what certain phrases mean. Hearing problems affects peoples’ communication mainly because some people may be completely hard of hearing also some people can be somewhat hard of hearing. In any event to get in touch with others is not easy they need to see and face anyone they are talking to so they can browse lips or watch your body gestures. People who have misplaced their hearing in later life will find it harder to adjust as they have always depended on their ability to hear to communicate.

Others that may have been given birth to with deafness they would feel that they have not lost something but could have learned new ways of connection such as indication language. Sight difficulties have a big impact on peoples’ lives since you are missing out on a lot of connection such as householder’s body language to get the full effect of communication. When we lose happen to be sight at a afterwards stage in every area of your life it is hard to simply accept and can sometimes stop people wanting to study new conversation skills. Deaf and blindness is a key concern as they have lost most ways of conversing.

They can look and touch nevertheless they haven’t any even more senses then simply that. Sociable development is important as it is everyday life from when we are growing via child to adult. We should socially connect to people because how we develop are interaction skills. 1 ) 6 Explain the potential results on an individual of having unmet communication requirements The effect of unmet conversation is that an individual may become withdrawn and have a low self-esteem or maybe depressed. All their behaviour can change and become upset and violent or even frustrated because they can not communicate like everyone else.

Likewise, if that each does not possess any support they may believe that they do not ought to communicate on the views or debate on a conversation. That they start to believe there is no reason for it anymore. Some individuals which have been born with communication problems as over and have produced will the impairment does not mean that they can understand this or have the ability to cope with that. By not really support these people we are question them all their rights through doing this we are abusing them. 2 . 3. How so when would you gain access to information and support regarding identifying and addressing particular communication demands?

We access information and support when we give others support in their very own lives because everyone is different and we need to know distinct techniques. Such as having photographs or coop and paper to contact people. Whenever we look into people records we need to follow accurate policy and procedure. Retain confidentiality. In the event the information we want is not really there then simply we look for the internet, books, journals and reports. Whenever we support persons we may ought to work with other professionals. Such as; occupational counselors, psychiatrists and speech and language experienced therapist etc .


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