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According to J M Say, economics was understood to be: “Science which will deals with wealth”. According to the meanings as obvious by Hersker Smith and J B Say, the main objective of study for economics has been thought as “accumulation of wealth” or perhaps “science of wealth”.

Listed here are the value of the explanation pertaining to scientific research of riches: 1 . It focuses on significant aspects of economics like production, distribution and so forth, 2 . That highlighted an important problem confronted by just about every nation in the wealth, particularly creation of wealth and 3.

The problem of poverty and unemployment can be solved if wealth is usually produced and distributed equitably. The following are the demerits with regard to the definition associated with science of wealth: •It concentrates simply on materials wealth and ignores creation of unimportant wealth like services of doctors, chartered accountants and so forth, •It also ignores social welfare

•Science of material health:

Under this group of explanations, the emphasis is upon welfare in comparison with riches in the matter of group.

Alfred Marshall, the neo-classicist raised economics from its ignoble placement to a respectable one and it was he who altered the emphasis from prosperity to well being.

Economics was defined as uses according to him: “Economics is a study of the human race in the ordinary business of life and it examines that a part of individual and social actions which is most closely associated with the attainment and with the usage of the material requisites of wellbeing. Thus, it truly is on the one particular side a study of wealth and on the other and more important aspect, a part of study regarding man”.

It is usually seen that economics has been defined as a report of human beings in the ordinary business of life. Regular business of life means those activities which sit on considerable part of human work. The fulfillment of financial needs is an extremely important organization which every man ordinarily does. In accordance to Teacher Marshall, economics has been understood as study regarding wealth; yet , it is also study regarding man, his desires and necessities.

Listed below are the demerits in identifying economics as the science of fabric well-being: •It ignores things such as services of singers, teachers, actors etc ., •It is incredibly difficult to claim that which points would bring about welfare and which will certainly not.




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