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The Reunion

The narrator of John Cheever’s “Reunion, inch tells of time the narrator reunited along with his father just to be disappointed in the end. At first of the history, the narrator mentions that his daddy was a stranger to him due to his parents becoming divorced. This kind of brief reason foreshadows the narrator’s bad experience with his father towards the reader, because there is a purpose that his parents had been divorced to begin with. The narrator also says a “rich compound of whiskey” (Cheever 338) if he catches the scent of his dad when they fulfill.

Through the story the narrator is not noticed speaking with his father, not even a single phrase, but the narrator’s silence says a lot of what this individual could possibly be pondering while this individual and his dad are pub-hopping. The irony is usually that the narrator identifies the joy of meeting his estranged father for the first time expressing, “I expected that someone would see us together. If only that we could possibly be photographed. I needed some record of our having been together” (Cheever 338), nevertheless this happiness transforms in to disappointment, surprise, disbelief, and regret for the end of the story if he sees what his daddy truly can be. The narrator begins simply by idolizing his father, understanding that he in some way will become just like him down the road, continuing the legacy simply by saying, “I would have to plan my advertisments within his limitations” (Cheever 338). Yet , the narrator’s impressions of his dad turn in the other direction as the narrator observes his father’s conceited, disrespectful patterns towards the waiters as he demands the energy to his alcoholic habit, he knows that he should have predicted the sudden. The father also distances by his child, focusing more on purchasing his drink and taking him to the club rather than introducing him self, and getting up with his own bloodstream. To the narrator, it seems like his father isn’t even aware that he his conference his personal son, nor does it seem to be anything special to him. This ties into the repeating that occurs together with the word “Daddy” towards the end of the account. When the narrator says, “That’s all right Daddy” (Cheever 339), when his father provides to walk him to the place, it indicates rejection, and the narrator would like nothing to carry out with him anymore.

The second “Daddy” is stated when the narrator tells his father, “I have to go Daddy” (Cheever 340), signifies an indication of letting go and separation, as well as the finally the narrator completely ends his father-son relationship by stating “Goodbye Daddy” (Cheever 340). The father could be seen as a reflection of the author, John Cheever, who likewise suffered from alcoholism, and could accurately depict the behavior of an alcohol addiction, and how this sort of a behavior creates gaps in human relationships. Ultimately, the narrator discovers never to have high anticipations, as whenever we do not satisfy those objectives, we are unprepared to feel the frustration. The author assumed that his father would present him self mannerly, as an image of the son’s long term self, an optimistic future. Someone that the boy can connect with, look up to, and catch up with. Even so the son’s creativeness got the very best of him and all he could perform was leave it as it was prior to reunion with his father.

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