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The Smiths have been married for twenty years and have an 20 year old boy and 14 year old girl. I sorted open minded concentrated questions based upon Gordon’s eleven functional health pattern tests to interview the friends and family. These questions are added with this newspaper for review. This conventional paper will go over each of these 12 functional health pattern examination and how it relates to my personal chosen friends and family. Health notion relates to what health ways to this relatives. Are they having any health issues, how do they maintain all their health and exactly where do that they receive almost all of their wellness education?

This family provides few lively health problems at this time and none of them of the loved ones currently have any medicines, except OTC meds for headaches and so forth

Mom is usually overweight and is aware of this kind of and comes with an action plan. Daddy is a heavy smoker, cigarette smoking two packs per day for the last forty years! This individual does not recognize this being a health problem and want to stop.

Everybody is up to date with vaccinations and sees their physician as needed. They may have good health and dental insurance insurance. Both father and mother drink alcohol once in a while but not to excess.

18 year old son has intoxicated alcohol on occasion but features abstained as receiving a DRUNK DRIVING last year when justin was seventeen. Mother is a Registered Nurse who runs family’s the health care and health campaign. Family consider themselves Christian but would not attend cathedral regularly. Diet assessment is focused on the habits of food and liquid consumption in accordance with metabolic needs (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). Dads diet plan lacks vegatables and fruits which this individual refuses to consume, so diet plan consists of beef and carbs. Mom on the other hand is Vegan who does eat fish sometimes.

Mom is overweight, has a ‘diet’ program but does not work out due to deficiency of willpower and working night time shift. Family members does not usually eat breakfast except occasionally on trips. The children take in lunch by school, mommy is asleep and father will fix himself a snack. Most family members take a daily multivitamin. Mom attempts to prepare meals in the crock-pot when ever she gets home in morning for evening meal. If she is as well tired or perhaps doesn’t do Dad will often order take out like pizza. Sleep and rest assessment focus is on the people sleep, relax and leisure practices (Kriegler&Harton, 1992).

Mommy works twelve hour nighttime shifts 5-6 days a week and has 1hour commute each method to job. She is obligated to attend gatherings at least one day weekly for about one hour at end of her shift. The lady tries to make the evening meals each morning just before she goes toward bed. On a good day she gets 6 several hours sleep, in days off the lady sometimes uses Benadryl to assist sleep. Dad is jobless but is definitely an early riser, usually awake by 0530 so likes to be in bed by 2100. Both children like to stay up overdue and should be encouraged to sleep as they possess school. Elimination is focused on excretory habits (Kriegler&Harton, 1992).

Dad has no problems and has daily bowel movements. Mom has a tendency to either always be constipated or have diarrhea, she also reports average bladder seapage. Both children report simply no issues with removal. Activity and exercise analysis is focused within the activities of daily living, workout and enjoyment activities (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). Daddy is out of work so retains up with the yard job and some house cleaning, but is without formal exercise routine. Mom functions long hours upon night shift so feels she has little time for a physical exercise program because this would eat into her sleep hours.

Both youngsters are active with school athletics such as sports, cheerleading, football and observe. On trips sometimes the family should go camping or perhaps kayaking. The family includes a pool which Mom uses daily if the weather allows. Cognitive and sensory perception is the analysis that is targeted on the ability to comprehend and employ information and on sensory function (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). Dad has a GED yet no advanced schooling, he is a USMC veteran of the Vietnam War, and he is a well read specific with endowed intelligence.

Mom obtained her nurse education overseas and is also currently studying for her BSN. Neither have any recollection problems buts Dad’s mom had Alzheimer’s so this problems him. Both equally children are normal students without having aspirations to visit college currently. Mom dons contact lenses, Father wears spectacles, and equally children do not sensory deficits. Dad is likewise slightly hard of experiencing related to his military job. Self perception assessment is focused on an individual’s attitude towards self such as body image, self-confidence and personal worth (Kriegler&Harton, 1992).

Dad has some home worth concerns related to being laid off by work in recent months, he offers applied for many jobs but seems he is deemed ‘too old’ at 56 years old. Mother is obese and is extremely conscious of her size. The lady tends to use loose clothing and does not prefer to be photographed. She has tried unsuccessfully to lose weight many times. Youngsters are confident teens who will be popular by school. Position relationship assessment is focused around the individual’s jobs in the world and relationships with others (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). The Smiths apparently have a very tight knit family.

Mom really loves being a nurse and did at the same hospital for over 20 years. The family includes a wide circle of friends; he does not have living family and her relatives still live overseas. All the family is very cultural and wish to entertain once at all possible. Libido assessment is focused on the individual’s satisfaction with sexuality habits (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). Mom and Dad have already been happily married for 20 years. They have an active and satisfying intimate relationships. Mom continue to menstruates and has been considering a hysterectomy on physician’s advice pertaining to fibroid tumors.

Mom strongly does not rely on elective surgeries so problems with heavy menses month to month and extreme pain. Father supports her decision currently but her pain distresses him. Mommy has not a new PAP in years although has an session for a PAP and mammogram pending. Kid recently break up from long term girlfriend, little girl is not really sexually energetic yet yet just experienced her initial PAP. Coping assessment is focused on the person’s perception of stress and coping approaches, also person support systems should be examined (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). Mom is definitely an emergency space nurse who also uses her husband to decompress.

Every morning when she gets home they talk about her move. Dad seems under stress at the moment while looking for employment. Mommy is encouraging and is operating extra to supply extra income. Children have common high school drama but seem well round. This family members regularly includes a ‘family meeting’ where there is definitely open and non judgmental discussion of any kind of issues. All major decisions happen to be discussed while using entire family. Mom is definitely from offshore but talks with her family every Sunday. Total this family is well educated and well tweaked. This health assessment records some areas that this family members can work in.

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