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Via my standpoint, the location of my fantasy house is very important and the environment and the placement of a house should be thoroughly considered. I have always been fascinated with rivers as well as the sound from the birds inside the mornings. I’d feel great and energetic if I was woken up by sound of doves perched on the twigs of the forest. In this respect, We imagine my personal dream property near a flowing lake, built in the countryside.

It would be situated in such an area that I may find fresh water and air. Additionally , my house’s position could enable me personally to have as many pets as is feasible since a large garden with enough space presents shelter to them. Also, I’d like my fantasy house to become near to the town centre in order that I might head to big shopping malls with my own car merely needed to. To tell the truth, peace and harmony put together with nature is the basic characteristic of the site of my dream property with its nearness to the city for emergency scenarios and delivering the necessities.

My fantasy house’s interior design should be cautiously planned mainly because I believe that beauty is within the information. Consequently, I’d like it to possess a big, big hall since it is the first place that you observe as you can be found in through the front door. At the end in the hall, there would be a staircase leading 2nd floor. I’d like to beautify the walls with the hall with famous artist’s reproductions of still existence paintings. For me, these artwork would give person feelings of relaxation and serenity. The first place on the correct would be the living-room which is quite significant and full of light. Day time light is vital for me so I’d like to include big home windows in the living room. A door from the living space would result in a small analyze where I possibly could write, read books and work on my personal assignments.

This small space would make myself feel calm and mindful so I could focus my own attention to my projects. 2nd floor there would be room and bath room. Also, my bedroom could reflect my own inner community and privateness so it would be painted with my favorite color which is green. My look at is that blue is the color that represents my emotions of harmony and serenity. In short I can say that, the inside of my personal dream home is like my spiritual universe so I’d personally decorate that in such a way that every one of the rooms, objects and colors will symbolize my own true feelings.

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