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|Current Expertise of the Trainee|Proof of Facts |Required Competencies/Learning Outcome |Training Gaps* |Required Modules intended for Training |Duration ( | |as a Food and Beverage Machine | | | | |Hrs. ) |

|TC |EC |AA |NC |OTS | | | | | |Knows how to deliver food and beverage to guests. | | | | | |Provide A Link to Kitchen and Support Areas • Liaise among kitchen and service areas.

• Clean and clear foodstuff service areas. |Provide A Link to Home and Assistance Areas • Liaise among kitchen and service areas.

• Clean and obvious food services areas.

|Provide A Link to Home and Services Areas

• Liaising between kitchen and assistance areas.

• Cleaning and eradicating food service areas. |40 | | | | | | | |Provide Food and Beverage Assistance • Prepare dining/restaurant location for services.

• Prepare make tables.

• Meet customers.

• Consider and procedure orders.

• Provide and clear food and drinks.

• Close down restaurant/dining area.

|Provide Food and Refreshment Service • Prepare dining/restaurant area intended for service.

• Prepare and set dining tables.

• Welcome clients.

• Take and process purchases.

• Serve and clear meals and drinks.

• Close down restaurant/dining region. |Provide Foodstuff and Beverage Service • Preparing dining/restaurant area for service.

• Setting up and placing tables.

• Welcoming customers.

• Taking and finalizing orders.

• Providing and cleaning food and drinks.

• Final down restaurant/dining area. |160 | | | | | | | |Provide Room Assistance • Have and process room services orders.

• Set-up trays and trolleys.

• Present room assistance meals and beverages to guests.

• Present room assistance accounts.

• Very clear room service areas. |Provide Room Support

• Take and process area service orders.

• Set-up racks and trolleys.

• Present room service dishes and drinks to guests.

• Present space service accounts.

• Clear place service areas. |Provide Place Service

• Taking and processing room support orders.

• Setting-up trays and trolleys.

• Presenting room support meals and beverages to guests.

• Delivering room services accounts.

• Crystal clear room service areas. |90 | | | | | | | |Develop and Update Food and Drink Knowledge • Research standard information on foodstuff and drink cocktails. • Share information with clients. |Develop and Update Food and Beverage Expertise • Study general information about food and beverage cocktails. • Discuss information with customers. |Develop and Update Foodstuff and Refreshment Knowledge • Researching general information on foodstuff and beverage cocktails. • Sharing details with buyers. |10 | |LEGEND: TC: Training Certificate EC: Employer’s Certificate, LUKE WEIL: Attestation by an Association, NC: National License, OTS: Other folks *Indicate a check mark resistant to the required competencies column to incorporate the training difference of the individuals.


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