Fast Food Essay

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The Philippine Star (1997) referred to the Filipinos are take out lovers. They enjoy tasty meals.

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They go to restaurants serving smorgasbords in a lunch or supper buffet offerings a variety of dishes and foods. These restaurants, most especially attract students. They are the group of people that regularly patronize fast food restaurants, which makes up the abrupt boom inside the fast food sector. To become effective in the industry the business must knows the inclination of their buyer towards junk food restaurant.

Take out restaurants are a breakthrough from traditional providing methods and standards. They have resulted in hotter operations and styles for solutions. They have supplied flexibility and comfort with reasonable prices. Their very own services happen to be within the degree of that can fulfill customers with assorted tastes, hard drives, and childhood.

Customer satisfaction has been one of the considerable objectives of other service-oriented establishments. You should the satisfaction of the customer’s needs the fact that business strives. Research Pitch (Fast Foodstuff Industry) To study the attitude towards usage of healthy food choices within the take out industry. Backdrop We are a marketing research group of a take out chain shop. With raising awareness regarding healthy food among the masses and with client preferences changing towards healthy food, we plan to launch a health meals segment to cater to this kind of need in the customers.

We are also worried about the prices of the merchandise that whether it should be costed same as those of normal fast food or the customers would be offering a premium pertaining to healthy food. When launching that product we would like to know that Is it worth every penny to our fast food restaurant to advertise healthy food. To answer this kind of management decision problem, all of us intend to execute a marketing exploration within the location of Western world Delhi. Launch

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