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For every category We analyse I will show the guy and female brings about comparison then simply summarise the things i interpret in the results below.

Due to the fact that there are more females in Stotfold than there are males. The females’ preferences could have a larger bearing on virtually any possible junk food restaurant to get developed. And there is unequal comes from both sexes I have converted my results to percentages prior to showing them on the graph. Visit Regularity Below is known as a bar graph and or chart comparing the visit consistency of men and female.

I’ve shown the info on a tavern chart since it is easier to assess. Male and feminine do not vary significantly in terms of visit frequency is concerned. Most customers visit a take out restaurant every single two weeks, which will, if you will discover enough customers, is sufficient to keep a fast meals business circumstantial. Most Important Characteristic The bar data below reveals what equally male and female consider to be the most important characteristic of a take out restaurant. This kind of just concurs with what the standard analysis mentioned: – that if a organization is to do well its clients must have confidence in its health.

The bar data below reveals a comparison between male and female fast food type preferences. The females’ key preferences happen to be well were made for in Stotfold. Kebab shops are, however , difficult to get in this area and are also highly popular among males. If a Kebab cafe opened in Stotfold it might target man customers, though I have realized that it is not just younger males that appreciate kebabs as one might have anticipated.

Cost The chart under shows what male and females expect to pay for a fast foodstuff meal for just one. This chart shows that even more men are able to pay more for his or her meal than women. I believe this can be displayed more clearly so here is yet another chart showing the same data but with several price categories. This kind of shows that nearly all males anticipate to pay above i? 4 whereas females expect to pay out below. This shows you market is more profitable rendering production and retail costs are retained to a minimum, 4) Place Information regarding Stotfold Stotfold is a growing town.

The development of new properties in the place means that by 2004 the population will have gone up by nearly 25%. The citizenry of Stotfold in 2000 was 6680. In 2004 it is estimated that it will rise to 8180.

There are also plans to produce a leisure time centre in Stotfold, which may attract even more people to the area. Stotfold is usually on the line between Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire; there are many fast food restaurants in Hertfordshire, which includes large dispenses, which would pose a threat to small corporations opening up in the area. During my research I use collected info from Bedfordshire but the well-established businesses in Hertfordshire should be taken into account once deciding to start out a new business in the region. There is a location of arrive at the borders of Stotfold by the aged doctors medical procedures. It has planning permission and a possibility of the Sports service being organized there.

It is on a key road so has very good access and a routine path leading past the location. It would be really expensive to formulate this land but if a brand new Sports facility were to be opened there it may be possible to incorporate a new restaurant on the sophisticated. Below is actually a map exhibiting the location My spouse and i referred to.

The area is within the shaded rectangle.

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