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Lifestyle in the 1950’s was as opposed to any previous decade. It absolutely was the culmination of the prior 50 years of expansion, industrialization, depression and two community wars.

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The child boom started out. Families had been moving towards the suburbs. The accessibility with the automobile plus the integrated open highway provided the average citizen a independence and mobility never noticed before. Consequently, industries and businesses sprang up to fill up the demands of the normal American who have could today travel, operate and live where ever they will wanted. One of the businesses that sprang up, and is a market today, was your fast food restaurant.

Fast food restaurants were at first started simply by hard working, young, uneducated men who had been pursuing the American Dream. Burger king and Carl’s Jr. were the forerunners. They put what America was known for – hard work, ingenuity, and capitalism. They built and grew all their businesses.

They didn’t begin to dominate the American landscape or perhaps palate. They’d a business/restaurant model that was working for them and the American individuals were eating it up. Many duplicated their structure and a number of small , for yourself owned restaurants sprang up across the country. Many failed, although today’s most popular stores survived… Burger king, Carl’s Jr., Taco Bells, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC.

They made it because that they changed the way in which food was cooked and delivered to the client. McDonalds was the main head and the other folks followed. To hit your objectives, owners needed to make the foodstuff faster and more accessible to large numbers of people.

Gone was your short order prepare who manufactured your meal; gone was the friendly carhop who helped bring you your food; gone was the home a glass plates and cups; removed was the top quality of foodstuff delivered. Instead, cheap, not skilled labor built one element of your food and somebody else made another. It was more of a factory assembly line than a restaurant. Food was delivered quickly, to drive up windows on many occasions, and in newspaper wrapping.

The restaurants who had been successful, rapidly franchised through the country. Because business grew, the need to own/control the entire circulation from gound beef to burger began. Centralized purchasing and standardization of goods took over. People were thrilled.

That they could now be assured of obtaining what they thought was the same great, quick, cheap food at every McDonalds, Carl’s Junior., Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC. It is hard to say what came initially, American with regard to the take out product or perhaps the product. Within a democratic, capitalist country, demand drives what survives.

In the event that American’s didn’t fall in love with the auto and the available road, will we have an easy food cafe on every highway on and off ramp? Would those fast food chains have created a three burger/four smolder a week habit? Would the little American player almost end up being extinct? Would childhood weight problems be a nationwide health problem?

It’s hard to say, but really worth thinking about.

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