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Situation Analysis Every year college students were graduating in Felkris Academy.

Because they graduate, that they leave all their school; others might have not anymore updates relating to their school for they have become in in another country for their operate. As learners, they still need to keep in touch with their alma mater. It is really hard for the college to search for their particular graduates because are dispersed to the different parts of the world. That is why we now have what we call alumni association.

Alumni Association begun to promote fellowship among teachers, former students, faculty and staff members of Felkris Schools for its creation and well-being as a great educational institution. It is founded to provide support service to the school, and one thing more is that the alumni is a great resource for pay for raising with the school pertaining to the benefit of the students in the form of scholarship grant funds. So tracking from the graduates is very important. Tracking provides concrete facts that will allow the panels and the wider public to evaluate a school’s most important productits graduatesin important ways. For easy access to the graduates in the school, the researchers are to study a web-based monitoring system for Felkris Academy.

It is web-based so that it is easy for the graduates as well as the school to acquire communication with each other anytime and everywhere in the community. Every graduate can still be updated as to the is happening with their school, how long did the developments have got undergone after they left the school, the academic position and many more simply by accessing the device through the web. The reasons pertaining to maintaining connection with alumni incorporate networking to get current learners to obtain to truly and professional positions, conference requirements intended for accrediting agencies, and determining how very well the program well prepared the graduates for their specialist careers.

To be able to strengthen graduates’ ability to move theory in practice, graduate programs ought to stay current on professional methods. To determine what current techniques are also to aid in analysis and organizing, documented information should be extracted from both alumni and professional organizations. Conceptual/Theoretical Framework From this era, where advancement can be become the area of the each and every discipline of lifestyle and period become the among the important component of the success we want to do something or every day jobs with an increase of fatly as ever.

Here role of information system can’t always be ignored doing things faster, doing issues better, and doing thinks smarter these all traits happen to be possible simply because of two words, Info system. Alumni Tracking Strategy is one of the types of information system. To receive contact with the old students and to provide the assistance to this aged student because of their future improvement in all discipline of your life and maintain the record in the passing out pupils. Alumni Checking System really helps to do precisely what is mention previously mentioned.

According to Quimbita, Style, 1989-09-00 by ERIC Clearinghouse for Junior Colleges Oregon CA. Pupil tracking systems enable more and more community educational institutions to respond to external requirements for answerability with real measurements of student progress and institutional outcomes. A lot of recent styles have motivated interest in monitoring student progress throughout school and into their professional lives. Bers (1989) argues that increasing emphasis on marketing, answerability, communication with students, and internal competition for students every serve as factors for the development of tracking devices. Bers pinpoints six levels in the pupil flow method that should be watched by a scholar tracking program.

AwarenessIn this stage, the prospective student learns regarding the college initially. Mass mailings to homes or businesses, advertisements in the media, and public information classes are useful to make potential students aware of the college. InquiryMechanisms pertaining to maintaining customized contact with possible students should go into effect as soon as the specific makes the first inquiry about the college. The individual’s name, social security number, and program passions should certainly be on record.

EntryThis level involves formal application, entrance, first-time subscription and registration, and significantly, assessment checks, orientations, and advisement. ExperienceMost tracking efforts currently focus on this stage, gathering information concerning students as they take courses, fulfill prerequisites, pass, fail, or pull away from programs, take advantage of support services, and work toward their goals. CompletionAt this kind of stage, pupils leave the faculty with or perhaps without achieving their educational goals.

Follow-UpBecause community students commonly stop in and away, alumni may also be considered an important pool of prospective college students. Maintaining connection with alumni as soon as they have left the college is important in evaluating educational outcomes in terms of employment or perhaps transfer encounters, and getting former learners back to the college. Tracking devices can be created for virtually any stage in the pupil flow procedure. Cochise University in Az has a checking system within just its vestibule office that monitors the awareness, inquiry and admittance stages (Barrett, 1989).

The Los Angeles Community College Section in Cal and Arapahoe Community College in Colorado each have monitoring systems which will focus on fundamental skills assessment and monitor the access, experience, and completion levels (Voorhees and Hart, 1989). Additionally , traffic monitoring designs happen to be possible for underprepared students (Smittle, LaVallee, and Carman, 1989) and other particular groups, such as displaced homemakers, single father and mother, learning disabled, and reading impaired (Gay and Boukouvalas, 1989). Research Paradigm Input ProcessOutput I. ICT Assets of Felkris Academy a. The analysts intended to build a web-based program in looking up the teachers. Particularly, this kind of study will probably be significant for the participants of Felkris Academy.

It assists the teachers to be still connected with their particular graduate institution for long term mutual benefits then for their fellow teachers as well and to remain fault their college even following your study furthermore with the professors. Moreover, this study may help the participants to continue to notify or be current to the some important occasions of the school and also can participate in the seminars, educational and extra subjects activities in order that alumni understanding remains current. Statement of the Problem This study should answer these questions: 1 ) What can be done to make alumni participation/involvement easier? installment payments on your How can all of us keep an up-to-date database with the alumni? three or more.

How to maintain constant contact with alumni? Definition of Terms Beta Tests subsequently of software testing in which a testing of the planned audience will try the product away. Hardware is a basic term for the physical artifacts of a technology. It may also mean the physical pieces of a computer program, in the form of computer systems.

Software refers to more than one computer courses and info held in the storage of a computer for some purpose. Program Implementation The installation of your computer system or perhaps an information program. The use of application on a particular computer system. Tracking System is generally a method capable of rendering virtual space into a human observer while monitoring the observer’s body runs.

Web-based refers to these applications or perhaps services which might be resident over a server that is accessible using a Web browser and is also therefore attainable from around the globe via the World wide web.

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