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Reaction Paper on the film “Ganito Kami Midday, Paano Kayo Ngayon? ” by Eddie Romero Ganito Kami Noonday noontide, meridian, Paano Kayo Ngayon can be described as 1976 film directed by simply Eddie Peregrino starring Christopher de Leon and previous Miss Whole world Gloria Diaz. It’s easy to say “I am a Filipino”. When can a person be looked at as a authentic Filipino? In the movie, the word “Filipino” experienced different definitions.

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The word originally referred to a person of pure Spanish decency that was born near your vicinity. However , a travelling Chinese language merchant (Lim) born in the country was likewise considered as a Filipino. Based on these details, being born in the country is among the major requirements in order for person to be known as “Filipino”. Nicholas Ocampo, also known as Kulas, was the main leading part in the film. He was innocently set to locate a friar’s child at the optimum of the Philippine revolution against the Spanish colonization.

He was capable of encounter folks who influenced his way of thinking and his way of living during his trip. He was able to meet different types of people; Filipino revolutionaries, The spanish language friars, reten civils, circus folks (where he achieved Diding, a girl whom this individual fell in love with), and Filipino elites whom identified themselves as the actual Filipinos. Having been confused upon what a Filipino truly is usually, on who has the right to contact himself/herself being a true Philippine. He had no idea of exactly what a university Filipino can be, or so why he was named as one.

He asked Add Tibor, a Visayan legal professional, if he has the directly to call himself a Filipino, to which the lawyer clarified that to become a Philippine one should be a deserving and beneficial person. Kulas went through a lot of pros and cons during his stay in Manila. He experienced being rich, being highly regarded, being teased, being heartbroken, and being betrayed by the people about him. Kulas, in the end, noticed that it is not enough to be born in the country in ordered to be called a Philippine, that as being a Filipino doesn’t only mean the physical ties a person has with the area, or with tradition, or perhaps with his or perhaps her relatives.

It means spotting ourselves while the guard of this area, and defender of our other men. It truly is being able to battle a grander cause and being able to fight for what is great for our country. The term Philippine was made since in the past, the individuals of the Philippines called themselves according as to the region or perhaps island they will came from, for example , the people via Visayas are known as Visayans, people from Manila call themselves Tagalogs, Ilokanos for the individuals from Ilocos and many more.

Considering that the Philippine islands consists of a large number of islands, this created a rift between its people because of their different details. Because of this, the word Filipino utilized to phone the people in the Philippines overall in order to avoid disputes among the residents and also to unify the people. According to a examine conducted simply by J. A. Yacat from the University in the Philippines Diliman, there are 3 factors which have been considered in order to have a Filipino identity: a feeling of shared roots (pinagmulan), developing up in a similar cultural environment (kinalakhan), and a shared consciousness (kamalayan).

T he first one, pinagmulan, has something to do with being delivered in the country, having parents who have are Filipinos, residing in the Philippines, or perhaps is a Philippine citizen. That basically implies that a person is a Filipino if she or he satisfies the meaning of Philippine citizenship as stated in the 1987 constitution. The 2nd factor, kinalakhan (cultural roots) revolves around participation and being immersed within a cultural history acknowledged as Philippine. This includes the speaking of a Philippine dialect, and other things that distinguishes us coming from foreigners, such as the way we come across things, the way we look at things, and the way all of us face every single situation we encounter.

The last factor, “kamalayan” (consciousness), is connected with awareness of the self being a Filipino, popularity of regular membership in the category “Filipino”, and also pride through this membership. The American colonization was attractive the producing of the Filipino identity because of the way they will treated us in the past, our ancestors considered a way to differentiate ourselves and put the Filipinos on a category different than the wicked colonizers. The innovation also helped in healthy diet the Filipino identity. The revolution unified the people. Without the revolution, we might still be within the hands with the colonizers without having an personality of our very own.

Though the colonization and Filipino revolution helped in the creation of the Filipino identity, every also brought negative affects that impeded the Filipinos to create an identity of their own. Because of the flourishing economy of the United States, there is a substantially big difference on the physical appearance of the Americans from your Filipinos. This is where the imperialiste mentality in the Filipinos heightened. Those who acquired money or perhaps were inside the upper class in the society tried hard to outfit and behave like Americans in order to blend together with the colonizers as well as to flaunt their newly bought things and the fluency in speaking the American vocabulary.

Because of this, that they believed that they belonged while using Americans, they are Americans but not Filipinos. Inside the title, Ganito kami noonday noontide, meridian, paano kayo ngayon:?, we have a question that needs to be answered. Paano kayo ngayon? What is the state of the Filipinos now?

To resolve that query, many of the Filipino’s ideas and interests include changed. Technology rises and new tendencies have been manufactured. Sometimes, the Filipinos today tend to ignore what is important and precisely what is significant. Filipinos then could think detailed. Filipinos at present are simply selecting the stream.

They go to where they will surely benefit, or to wherever they can gain much, considerably more. The feeling of Philippine nationalism with the end forgotten. People patronize more these products that came from a different nation rather than the items that were made here in the country. Though Filipinos in the past do the same issues, the power in this modern era is a lot greater than in past times.

Our country is getting a growing number of liberated. Due to many colonizers after the People in america, several overseas influences have already been adapted as our own. The Filipino tradition have been combined with different cultures from neighbouring countries just like China, Japan, Korea, and others because of intermarriages.

The way the authorities runs the country is becoming more serious. The Thailand is now hidden in debt. Filipinos nowadays have become harder to comprehend.

One works for election not as they or the lady wants to provide the country but because he or she desires to make more money. Likewise, the increasing percentage of crimes regarding youth offenders is very scary. We often ask for main reasons why these crimes happened.

Might be because Filipino youth then simply have good moral attitude than Filipino youth at this point. The use of “po” and “opo” have always been part of our Filipino culture. We were taught to use these phrases as a indication of esteem to the elders. But now, all of us rarely listen to those words especially through the younger ones.

Filipino youth today had become verbally extreme and delinquent. Another case is, Philippine youth now tend to replicate some characters from different foreign movies thinking that it is “cool” being violent and aggressive. Unlike Filipino junior then had been respectful and God-fearing.

Thus, Filipino youth then have good meaningful attitude than Filipino junior now. Were forgetting the objective, the goal which our ancestors have passed unto us, which was to safeguard and guard what is good for our country. We are unable to achieve this goal if we continue doing these issues. It seems that in the present times, the meaning of being a Filipino is reduced in order to being a citizen of the region. If you are a resident of the Philippines, then you can be considered as a genuine Filipino.

I am a Filipino. I actually became a Filipino mainly because both my mom and dad are Filipinos. I actually am a Filipino because I speak several Philippine languages. My spouse and i am a Filipino mainly because I was a citizen with this country.

I actually am a Filipino because I love my own country. My spouse and i am a Filipino and I am happy to be one.

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