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The electricity load shedding in Pakistan may have not been a big trouble to cope with nevertheless made very much bigger by simply adopting the defective plans. One of the causes of load dropping is called the circular debts, which means the private electrical energy generation companies keep making the power nonetheless they do not get the money for the electricity they have provided, in this case they can generate the electrical power for limited period after that when the outstanding figure to be paid by authorities to these companies cross a limit, by being not able to fuel costs these companies quit the production right up until they have get paid back by simply government.

This have already been happening a lot lately, current approach by government is definitely they let the circular dept build up although companies quit production they may be paid back after many several weeks and mean while that halt produces more lack and more electricity load shedding subsiquently. Now this is the place where the issue of leasing power plant life come in.

The question is, when you are not able to finance the current infrastructure and when you are not completely utilizing the present generation potential, why in the world you need the rental electrical power plants? ” It would make some impression if the local rental power crops would have attended with low cost electricity but unfortunately other than thinking of paying back the round dept and taking all of the current assets in action our government have got chosen to generate the leasing power crops.

The plant life which will not still started generating the strength but we all already started out paying the lease money. Following carefully reading whats written above one can decide the fact that rental electricity plants stunt was really not necessary at the moment.

Moreover when you are in country which can be blessed with so much of organic resources how come on earth you have to go for rental power plant life. Wind varieties and solar power power vegetation have got large potential in this country that may bring in plenty of low cast energy, likewise if more dams happen to be planned, we can make much more hydro power.

After that come in the coal supplies which is blessing for this region, we have received the coal reserves which are in couple of biggest coal reserves of the world. Research demonstrates if we employ just 2% of these reserves for power generation we will be able to carry on generating the excess 25000 Ultra Watts of power pertaining to next 40years just from coal and that we just have total electricity ingestion of 16000 Mega W country large today.

12000 Mega Watts of electric power out of the 16000 mega watts starts to get generated. The above mentioned facts evidently show that if the proper policies will be adopted we can not only create enough power to meet each of our energy requirements but as well generate capacity to sell out.

The situation of our nation have never been the resources nevertheless only and later the genuine leadership which really cares about the country and all the souls living in that. For the moment we can only pray to Allah pertaining to blessing Pakistan with the leadership which is honest and competent of making things happen. The next time when you have your vote in polls just think for your country and nothing else, keep the prior experiences at heart, they will help you much


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