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Health Care


After the divide of past Yugoslavia, the Republic of Serbia, along with other ex-Yugoslav countries, inherited healthcare system based on universal coverage of health. It is borrowed by mandatory health insurance input from the Nationwide Health Insurance Account. Insured inside the health care program can be divided into two groups: the a) citizens who may have income and so have the best obligation to pay contribution and b) people with out income or perhaps whose salary is less than the established tolerance, and whose insurance is funded from the budget of the Republic of Serbia from the contributions of employees. Non-public health insurance is present in additional form (covers faster get and enhanced consumer choice).

Funding of clinics in Serbia is based on DRG system although primary health care is based on capitation. Health care in the population is usually directly offered through a network of health care institutions and divided to 3 levels: major, secondary and tertiary healthcare.

Providing an chance to any or all citizens to access the health proper care is one of the qualities of all post-communistic countries, no matter social position. Poor quality of services that patients are facing is caused by insufficient adequate products and/or services. Serbian health-related system (SHCS) has been severely under-funded for quite some time and consequently the conventional of available healthcare has poor quality.

Medical for the citizenry is immediately provided by using a network of health care establishments and depend upon which level of organisational and operational development. On the whole, there are 3 levels of health care: primary, second and tertiary.

Medical care at the main level is usually provided by state-owned primary well being centres, which will cover the territory of just one or more municipalities or cities. The primary overall health centre shall provide in least:

  • preventive medical for all populace categories
  • vital care
  • standard medicine
  • medical for women and children
  • health visitor assistance
  • laboratory and also other diagnostics
  • elimination and treatment in dental treatment
  • employee medical care, i. electronic. occupational medication
  • physical treatments and rehab

Principal health care in primary wellness centres is usually publicly given by a chosen doctor who is either a medical doctor or maybe a specialist generally speaking medicine, or specialist in occupational treatments, specialist in paediatrics, consultant in gynaecology, and dental professional (Article 98 of the Act on Health Care). General practice is a services within a main health centre and the simple provider of health care intended for population more than 19 years. According together with the evidence, in 2011 in Serbia there were 157 primary medical care centres.

If the main health hub is unable to present adequate healthcare the general medical specialist will direct the patient to the specialist and secondary medical (hospitals). Every single patient could possibly get needed treatment in one of 77 general or particular hospitals in Serbia. It may be outpatient treatment (medical check up in the clinic) or inpatient treatment.

The tertiary level of health care has the top specialized workers and technological equipment and provides quality classification and treatment. Thus, this kind of level cooperates closely together with the secondary level by providing specialized assistance and support, take part in research and activities of medical education (Clinic Analysis Institute, Scientific Hospital Middle, Clinical Centre).

The Health Insurance Finance (HIF) functions and oversees the health support in Serbia. The aim of the organisation is to make the overall health system similar for every citizen regardless of their status. The state of hawaii fund protects most medical services including treatment by specialists, hospitalisation, prescriptions, being pregnant, childbirth and rehabilitation trough health centres and smaller sized health channels.

Bismarck healthcare system model shows publicly presented healthcare system financed through social healthcare insurance. Nationwide Health Insurance Pay for (RZZO) of Serbia protects recurrent expenses through suggestions based supplier payments. Completely, majority of RZZO funding (income) originated from two major sources: 69. 48% came from the employment contributions and 29. 01% through the pension strategy contributions (Zah, 2011).

Private medical insurance exists in supplementary form (covers more quickly access and enhanced customer choice).

Financing of hospitals in Serbia will be based upon DRG system while principal health care is founded on capitation. In certain special areas (such are dialysis, iva and hyperbaric chamber) hostipal wards are chosen to provide medical service to the individual based on the financial contract between hostipal wards as services and the Countrywide Health Insurance Identified. This is seen as a good example of involving personal sector inside the reduction of long waiting lists in Serbia.

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