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Fire Division

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Excerpt from Business Plan:

However , despite this please note, the plan really does miss out on many important factors that should have already been present, while detailing excessive on some of others. First of all, the strategic prepare appears to be more information on proposes tactical or tactical objectives, which has a brief analysis of their development stage, but nothing to else. An appropriate business plan must have limited the quantity of objectives the fact that department offers for itself and should have discussed how these goals can be reached.

For example , the office has collection for alone a goal of pursuing government and express grants, nevertheless there was no strategy designed as to how this is going to be undertaken. At the same time, the human resource plan, just like the economic policy, appears very obscure. The section has a quantity of objectives, however it is hard to analyze where degree you will find the necessary resources for these to become completed, in addition to the impact that such a completion may have within the activity of the department.

One particular think that the report lacks is data and statistical information. When the human resources objectives are in depth, an informed audience would like to check out the policy the fact that department has adopted regarding getting all those objectives done. How many female firefighters is the section actually proposing to hire through the set period of time? Just how is a expansion in the volume of employees in the department going to affect the economical stability in the department? Many financial percentages would also provide been within determining whether or not the department has the ability to to support a solid and healthy financial circumstances over the short and moderate term.

As detailed from this report, the main objection about the plan that the Honolulu Fire Department features proposed is that it information extensively in some portions, namely the objectives in the entity, and leaves out other significant sections, like a detailed examination of the solutions that are directed towards rewarding those targets. With that in mind, some of the objectives really should not be included in that respective category, namely individual or monetary.


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