Fire Prevention and the Federal Government Essay

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Various government agencies help to make fire elimination as part of their particular mission. America has the maximum fire death rate is definitely the highest on the globe.

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Fires eliminate 3, seven-hundred and damage over 20, 1000 people each year. Property damage is about $11 billion annually. The United States Flames Administration (USFA) has helped to reduce flames deaths by half. They may have contributed to flames prevention and suppression much more than any other government agency.

In 1974, Congress established the United States Fire Administration. Their objective is to provide national leadership to neighborhood fire and emergency providers. It is a label of the National Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA became part of the Division of Homeland Security in March you, 2003. Their particular mission is to reduce losing life and property and protect area from most hazards, which include natural catastrophes, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters (About USFA, n. g. ). The Department of Homeland Security was formed following your September 10, 2001 terrorist attacks. Their particular primary quest is to shield the country coming from terrorism.

Because the USFA was created for the sole purpose of the prevention, readiness, and respond to fires and also other emergencies, it has contributed the most to the cause. America’s fire death level is one of the maximum per capita in the industrialized world (About USFA, d. d. ). Thus, it can be still a marked improvement since more than twenty years back. In 1971, 12, 000 persons and two hundred fifty firefighters perished as a result of fires.

USFA continue to be make our communities and society safer today. Reference point U. S i9000. Fire Government. About the U. S i9000. Fire Administration.

Retrieved Aug 3, 08 from http://www. usfa. dhs. gov.

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