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flexibility schooling has to offer in everyday life of people by aiding them to function more effectively. Additionally I shall discuss constructing a class especially for this kind of teaching and also shed some light on the ways music can help motivate and improve the efficiency of the persons undergoing the flexibleness training.


Flexibility consists full range motion of the various joints in the body and encompasses most components of the musculoskeletal program and specific neuromuscular path ways of the body. Flexibility differs from person to person according to his age group, gender, body temperature and the form of joint to get moved. It will help in the lowering of mid back pain and damage (Bach, Green, Jensen) and in addition helps enhance the posture and muscle symmetry. (Corbin, C. B., Commendable, L). Furthermore to all this kind of it reduces severity because of injury, gaps the onset of muscular fatigue, increases physical efficiency, promotes mental rest and provides personal gratification. Overall flexibility training is a good possible technique today to attain the unification of one’s mind, body and soul. (Anonymous)


In order to build a class that emphasizes and teaches the various aspects of increasing flexibility in the joints we need to first decide the pre-requisites. The trainer should himself be aware of the best flexibility methods and it’s importance in bettering the stability and mobility of any person. The students I have picked for this training shall consist of a group of 25 people old between twenty-five to fifty-five. These people would be of moderate health and the goal is always to provide optimum functionality when it comes to joint and muscle moves. The class will be of 45 minutes duration in which the participants will be trained to expand the tensed muscles inside their bodies by using a time span of 10 – 30 seconds inside the furthest likely comfortable position. (Flexibility training)

In the class 5 minutes will probably be allocated to warming-up before the exercise and 5 mins to trying to cool off after the work out as is vital in any work out. A good get ready can be quite beneficial and its absence can mean drastic consequences. Warming up ahead of an exercise may help increase the body temperature, heart rate and breathing thus prepare your body both emotionally and physically for the physical activity. Many coaches and trainers associate special significance with warmup before virtually any physical activity since sometimes the exercise following it can be demanding and require the body to become in very good working condition, something that a warm-up makes possible.

A start off includes low-intensity exercises including skipping, jogging, walking, calisthenics, which can boost the temperature degree of the body. It may also include exercises specific for the type of activity to be performed as in this case the various muscle tissue of the body are stretched for a total of twelve seconds. This elevates the temperature with the soft-tissues and makes it a good time for raising flexibility. (Patrick J. Bird)

Similarly following the exercise it is essential to cool down. This can help decrease the soreness and tightness of muscles after exercise enabling those to return to their resting positions and also in reducing combined with. An effective cool-down comprises of lowering of activity levels by a slow walk or jog and general stretches.


Through the stretching treatment the class can be motivated simply by use of verbal cues or musical cues where specific kind of beat is activated corresponding to specific changes. Long physical exercises can get extremely tedious and boring therefore it is essential the trainer should certainly inculcate different varieties of interesting changes in the training tactics during the course of the courses. This will maintain the trainees interested and keep these people coming back for further.

The class may be made fun by launching the value of group work and constructive competition. Creating enough opportunities to allow them to perform their particular activities jointly should inspire the cultural interaction among group members and generate exercises more enjoyable. Besides this constantly reminding the students that the teaching they undergo in this class would profit them in the end can be quite encouraging. Instilling in them a sense of progress and showing them how their increased versatility that they attained through this class can effect their very own daily exercises in addition to illustrating their success rate may greatly improve their chances of getting motivated and maintain them interested. Praise and probably a prize or perhaps distinction of some kind for many who excel the education will help trainees focus on precisely what is being explained and done in the class. Permitting those who are very good volunteer the class and require a session or maybe more would not simply help increase all their confidence per but as well induce in them the necessity to be the best. In this way competition can lead towards raising their motivation.

Sometimes it may thus occur which a person may want to quit the students or cause some difficulties in acknowledging the technique used by the trainer. Handling these kinds of a case needs a great deal of patience and wisdom on the part of the instructor. He need and first analyze the challenge the person features and then action accordingly. Providing a warm and trusting ambiance has in many cases solved the problem but if it does not help then your instructor ought to briefly examine the magnitude to which this individual should compromise with the demand of the client. Listening him out and giving him the chance to share himself may lead to the identification of the difficulty. However whatever the case may be, if the client may be the compromising kind or not when the trainer explains the benefits of his methodology and the ways in which it would increase his into the longevity the customer is certainly sure to be determined and once he’s motivated approaches to his challenges become easy as his resistance is replaced by his determination to achieve the goal of fitness and health this training has guaranteed to offer.

Music as a motivational tool:

Long lasting exercise maybe, enjoyment is usually the key motivator for faith and output. Sports psychologists are from the view those tunes is a great help that boosts the potential and competency of athletes. The researchers declare that music works as a distraction to help make the athlete forget his pain and fatigue and hence in such a way provides relief to him improving his sense of effortlessness and driving him to train more. Music takes the athlete to a totally new level of consciousness where he is indeed immersed in the activity he can performing that the world around him seems to diminish. According to a analysis the use of music increases the work output simply by 5-7%. It can so simply by synchronizing the movement together with the music providing an effective teaching pace. (Lee Crust)

Given that the importance of music during physical training has been set up it is also necessary to find the kind of music to become used. Just music that triggers positive thoughts should be motivated since gradual and emotional songs can be lovely to listen but they produce a rush of negative emotions concluding in useless bad energy. Songs that are linked to sports like the title track of the film Rocky etc . can have a very positive impact. However in the class We intend to use slow tempos under 75 beats every min for stretching and tempos of 100-120 sounds per min for warm-ups and great downs. Employing sings which may have lyrics just like ‘move the body’ or ‘keep about moving’ in my view will enhance the associated with motivational self-talk and they can be utilised as strong cues enabling the class to decipher when should you switch from position to a different. It is also essential to stress after

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