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Foridas Terrorism Incident Response Annex: Is It Satisfactory?

The State of Floridas Terrorism Incident Response Annex (2014) is an adequately produced and produced procedure for the right way to respond to a terrorist occurrence. The Terrorist Event Response Process contain two actions that are one of a kind to unexpected emergency operations concerning crisis and consequence management, as the Annex (2014) points out. The two actions are: 1) Figuring out the event as a known, thought, or threatened terrorist or cyber terrorist attack; and, 2) Guaranteeing notifications to agencies are produced (p. 3-1). According to the Federal Emergency Managing Agency (FEMA, 2002), these kinds of two-step treatment sets up the motions pertaining to adequate response to be put in place, as there are many facets to efficient response to terrorism. Identifying the event and alerting the responsible companies of the function are crucial. This paper will discuss Floridas Terrorism Episode Response Annex and show for what reason it is ideal and adequate.

According to FEMA (2002), state and local planner should display the following characteristics inside their planned answers to horror incidences: 1) flexibility, 2) coordination, 3) communication strength, 4) contingencies ready, 5) procedures in position for emergency public information and media associations procedures, 6) integration of Federal assets into the regional response, and 7) support services offered. Similarly FEMAs (2004) Annex provides guidance on establishing a structure for the systematic, synchronised, unified, well-timed, and powerful national law enforcement and researched response to dangers or acts of terrorism within the Usa (p. TER-1). Taken with each other, these two paperwork from FEMA serve as a helpful structure for calculating the adequacy of the State of Floridas Terrorism Occurrence Response Index.

Firstly, Floridas Annex can be structured and displays a scientific and coordinated approach to assessing the situation and embarking on a process to address the situationso that fits in range with FEMAs (2004) recommendations for being methodical, structured and coordinated. That details the Response Procedure by disregarding it down into sections, you start with a general review of the process, and following that with the way the response ought to proceed if the incident landscape is not really clearly defined. After that it covers the area response procedure, the state and regional response procedure, including procedures pertaining to the Florida National Shield, the Regional Domestic Security Task Push, and the Office of Environmental Protection and Environmental Terrorism Response Staff. It describes the Federal government Response, and addresses additional entities which may be included in the response.

The State of Floridas Annex also details the concept of operations

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