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Flowers for Algernon

Plants for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Test and Key 1 . Where is this story collection? Future, in western The european countries or The united states 2 . How old will be Charlie and Miss Kinnian? 37, and 34. 3. What was the first test out Charlie do, and that which was it for/ What would Charlie call it? A Rorschach test, which will asks the individual to say what he/she believes of inkblots on credit cards. This test is to determine whether Charlie is intelligent or truly retarded. Charlie called it a raw shok test. 5. How did Charlie carry out on the check, and why is it important? He sees simply no inkblots, displaying that he has very little advanced considering. He provides little imagination. His human brain cant carry out much difficult thinking, demonstrating that he could be dumb enough for test. 5. That which was the Thematic Apperception Evaluation? It asked that Charlie look at images of people and make up stories about what they are really doing inside the pictures. This kind of test also proves that Charlie is not very smart. 6. Who is Algernon? How does Charlie contest against Algernon? Algernon is known as a mouse. Charlie is given pictures of a web that Algernon must explain to you to acquire food. Steve must bring the proper path out of the web in the photo before Algernon finds it himself. 7. Just how is Algernon special? How come Charlie have to do this race? Algernon is usually 3 times better than other mice because he has had an operation. Charlie must race against him now so that after his own procedure, the doctors can see how much progress Steve has made. almost 8. What is Charlies IQ before the operation? After? What does the procedure do? 68. ~204 to 210. The operation triples intelligence inside the subject. on the lookout for. How do the 2 doctors decide if Charlie is correct for the experiment? 1 . He is mentally retarded. 2 . He offers motivation (such Algernon, but the mouse wishes food), because he works hard to learn. 10. What kind of sophistication does Steve go to during the night? A night university class for adult surfers that are psychologically retarded. Miss Kinian is a teacher. 11. Where really does Charlie operate? What is his job? That is his manager? He is a janitor by a plastics factory. Mr. Donnegan is his boss. 12. Who also are his friends? Just how do they deal with him? Exactly what does it mean to do a Steve Gordon? Frank and Paul. They make entertaining of him. When somebody makes a blunder or truly does something silly, they call it up doing a Steve Gordon. 13. Who would be the two doctors who carry out the test? What are the differences between them? Dr . Nemur can be an unpleasant man who wants to turn into rich and famous. He could be in a rush to create his test as a achievement. Dr . Strauss is a cosmetic surgeon who believes they should wait around before i have heard it said anything. He’s worried about Charlie. 14. Exactly what does Dr . Strauss ask Steve to do while he sleeps? Leave the television on low so they can learn in the sleep. 12-15. What happens the moment Charlie beverages at the get together? Joe and Frank get Charlie to show the girls just how he mops toilets, to enable them to laugh in him. Steve gets slightly drunk, gets sick, and a policeman brings him home. sixteen. Who is Charlies landlady? What nice things does your woman do intended for Charlie? She is Mrs. Flynn. She lets him pay his hire late after he gets sick. She worries about the man. She gives him foodstuff, and tries to encourage him to go out to work again. 17. Provide examples of how the reader will be able to tell that Steve is getting smarter. He beats Algernon in the race. His spelling and writing get better. His conversation with other people is more brilliant. He scans more and more literature, or higher and higher difficulty. His learns several different languages. He leans much math and technology. He starts to think the doctors arent that intelligent. He starts to think others are monotonous because they dont understand what he is referring to. He falls into love with Miss Kinnian, seeing her as the same, not as a well used teacher. He studies the Algernon-Gordon Impact. He forecasts his personal demise. 18. Why does Steve have a great deal sympathy for Algernon? Algernon must go a test every time he wants food, which Charlie thinks is not very kind. 19. What goes on with Ellen? What does this kind of make Charlie realize regarding his close friends? Joe and Frank get Charlie to dance with Ellen. Everyone watches and someone outings Charlie. Charlie realizes this and understands that his good friends are just producing fun of him. twenty. Why does Charlie feel sick all the time? He could be afraid to find the people at work. 21. Why does Mr. Donnegan fire Charlie? What is the motivation behind it? He fire Charlie because he has been absent work, yet mostly as the other workers signed a petition requiring that Steve be terminated. They want him fired since they are afraid of his new intellect. They think threatened by his fresh powers. They will ostracize him and give up him because he is different. twenty two. How does Steve do around the Rorschach test after the procedure? What does this kind of tell us? He starts to find things inside the inkblots, which tells us that he is producing an creativeness and a sophisticated brain. twenty three. What does Mrs. Nemur perform to make Dr . Nemur produce quickly to create his test? She wants to be committed to a superstar. She is money grubbing. 24. Just how can Charlies emotions change toward Miss Kinian? What is several? He falls into love with her. He can now her equal, or perhaps her excellent. He no more sees her as an old teacher, but since a woman his age, gorgeous and attractive. 25. How come Dr Nemur develop an inferiority complex around Steve? What does this mean? He feels furious and jealous that Charlie is better than he is. 26. Just how many historic languages will Dr . Strauss understand, and just how is this important to Charlie? Dr . Strauss can only understand old Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Charlie feels this is amazing, that Doctor Strauss ought to know more. twenty seven. What happens inside the restaurant? How is this essential in Charlies life? He sees a new busboy drop and break some food. The people in the restaurant have a good laugh at the young man, and Steve laughs also. Then Charlie realizes that people once laughed at him, and this individual gets furious with the persons in the restaurant, screaming by them. This individual now recognizes what it is want to be foolish and intelligent. 28. What does Charlie plan to do along with his new skills after this? To spend his existence increasing the levels of cleverness for all persons, for the favorable of humanity, and for fairness among people. up to 29. What does Algernon do to Charlie that tells us that something is incorrect with Algernon? What is happening to Algernon? This individual bites Charlie. The effects of the operation happen to be wearing off. He is obtaining dumb once again. This is important because Algernon had the same operation as Steve. What happens to Algernon will also happen to Charlie. 40. What is the Algernon-Gordon Impact? What does that prove? It is what happens to the two Algernon and Charlie. Their very own brains drop the effects of the operation, and so they must perish. 31. Why does Charlie bury Algernon in a cheese package? Because he enjoys Algernon and cheese is exactly what mice take pleasure in. 32. What starts to affect Charlie? Describe his destruction. He begins to lose his memory. Browsing and punctuational become difficult. 33. How much does Charlie bear in mind about his family? That they were not happy. His daddy was a bum and never kept his guarantees. He leaped away with another female, but Charlies mom insisted that his dad was dead. This kind of shows that we regularly deny the facts even when it really is clear. 34. Why does Steve chase the strange doctor out of his place? Because he makes fun of Charlie like the other folks once do. 35. How much does Charlie inform Miss Kinnian when the girl comes to his door? For what reason? What does Miss Kinnian perform for him, and why? He tells her that he doesnt like her anymore, and doesnt need to be smart anymore. He is lying down he really wants to be smart, and this individual loves her, but he says these things to generate her leave. Miss Kinnian pays Charlies overdue hire because the girl loves/loved him, and she’s terribly unhappy about what provides happened. thirty six. When Charlie goes back to the job at the plastics manufacturing plant, how do Paul and Honest act, and why? That they dont make fun of him anymore. They warned to beat up a guy who makes fun of Charlie. They do it since they truly feel guilty for hurting his feelings prior to. 37. What does Miss Kinnian do once Charlie comes back to the night school? How come? She cries and leaves. She is heartbroken -she cannot live with Steve the way he could be now she is so unhappy about what happened. 38. Where is Steve going by the end of the history, and exactly why is her heading there? This individual thinks her will go to New York to look for new good friends and start a fresh life. He takes a number of books to read. 39. Exactly what does he tell Miss Kinnian in his last letter, and who does Steve blame for what has happened? He says good-bye to her and tells her not to get worried. He considers that probably he couldnt try hard enough to stay intelligent, even though the reader knows that might not be true. forty five. What is significant about the final sentence, requesting someone to put flowers on Algernons grave? Charlie will die too, soon. He doesnt understand it. He can die for the same reason Algernon did. That shows that in spite of the fact that Charlie isnt very smart, he is continue to kind and loving in his own way. 41. What is the irony with this story? The key irony is that society shoves away an individual (Charlie), if he has the power to resolve many wonderful problems. Dr . Nemur as well as the workers at the plastics stock are jealous and hateful of Charlie, even though they must like him and be content he is thus smart. 42. What is the theme of the storyline? People are thus competitive that they can would rather force away a fantastic person like Charlie rather than be around him, worrying that they will appearance stupid when compared with him. When Charlie can be dumb, everyone loves him because he isnt a threat. World is foolish because it alienates the people who may have the greatest potential to advance mankind. 43. Exactly what are the clashes in the history: Internal: Gentleman vs . Him self: Charlie versus himself may he succeed? Can he fit this? Miss Kinian vs . Very little: Should your woman love the new Charlie, or will this kind of be a unreasonable thing to do, because he may return to being foolish. External: Man vs . Guy: Charlie against Dr . Nemur Charlie up against the plastics staff they think theyre normal. They make fun of Charlie if you are dumb. They will hate him for being intelligent. Dr . Strauss vs . Dr . Nemur: Nemur wants celebrity and bundle of money. Strauss really wants to test the experiment to see if it really works. Man versus Circumstances: Charlie vs . Contemporary society: He may not be accepted as a dumb or maybe a smart person. Man versus The Unidentified: Charlie versus Universal Ethics: Charlie out of cash the rules if it is made wise. He is paying a price of losing all of the intelligence he gained, shedding his love (Miss Kinnian), and shedding his existence.

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