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Hunting and shooting

The book and movie from the story The Hunger Video games were great! Even though the movie wasn’t specifically alike this many commonalities, but only a few differences. It strikes me that the book was better. The book had even more description, the story line was great, and it was merely all around a wonderful novel. My favorite parts had been the killings in the book, which the movie they will didn’t use the same description and image in the film as they do in the book.

One of the kills that really stood out was one of the first if a girl lighted a fire in the forest as well as the group that Cato led attempted to destroy her yet failed in ways they had dispatched Peeta back to finish him off available. In the motion picture they killed her instantly. One of my favorite characters coming from district 10 was known as Thresh his death was sad. But before he passed away Katniss the primary character by district doze took care of Thresh’s tribute partner so Thresh saved Katniss’s life.

Katniss was running to get a package to save lots of Peeta via dying cause she really was starting to worry about him.

This girl came up behind her took katniss to the floor and was playing with knife she would definitely kill her with, when thresh came up and took her off Katniss and conquer her to death, in that case spared her life. Later, the online games were currently taking so long that they released hungry savaged dogs to with any luck , speed up the games. That they got to Thresh first the moment his death the sound of the cannon went off to signify his death in the book, but in film production company Cato murdered him. One other death, through which I was excited for inside the movie, was Cato’s death.

Cato was the antagonist inside the story, the best of a group of people that teach their entire lives to participate in the games. In the book Peeta, Katniss, and Cato are the final three tributes. Peeta and Katniss had been walking and randomly a puppy starts running after them therefore the run to the cornucopia, a place where weapons and protection is, Cato is waiting thee for these people so they can kill all of them and earn the game titles. Well Peeta and Katniss run and get the leading, Cato’s merely waiting presently there for them Peeta Runs in him to fight him. They fight and Peeta throw him over the edge to get assaulted by the fierce, ferocious dogs.

The book says that this individual lay presently there screaming and suffering all day on end, the next morning is when he is usually relieved by simply Katniss capturing him in the head to end his your life. In the film She kills him immediately after they hit him from the edge. I was looking forward to him dying he was one of my personal least favourite characters. Overall the movie and book had been both impressive I would prefer reading the book first then assessing differences, film production company had a large number of similarities, Too many to explain. Over-all there weren’t very many dissimilarities, mainly it absolutely was only deaths that were several. P


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