Food Safety Work File Essay

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Directions: Complete the foodstuff safety active quiz. Utilize information through the interactive quiz to full the following responses regarding food safety techniques. For each with the following foodstuff safety techniques, share at least 2 statements through the interactive to discover.

Be sure to place these statements is likely to words and explain how come they are attractive preventing foodstuff borne health issues. An example can be: When dining from a buffet, make sure hot foodstuff is sizzling and cold food is cold. Food that is 45 150 degrees F has already started to increase bacteria and pathogens. Clean (16 points): 1 . Keeping your hands clean keep from having sick installment payments on your Keep surface clean after cooking, or perhaps letting a thing on it. Distinct (16 points): 1 . When cross contamination happens that spreads bacteria from 1 item to a a meal getting u sick.

2 . Don’t put cooked foodstuff on same item a raw meals was on without washing it. Prepare food (16 points): 1 . A food thermometer is the just way you can tell in the event foods at the right heat to kill bacteria. installment payments on your Cook thawed food to minimum interior temp to kill bacteria. Chill (16 points): 1 . When prepared food is definitely left out it might grow bacterias that make u ill. installment payments on your Freezing food to 0 degrees inactivates bacteria.

In your own kitchen, make clear 2 meals safety practices you feel your family can boost and two food safety practices you feel your family really does well. (16 points) We can improve cooking food to the accurate temp, and cleaning the hands following touching raw foods. About what ways perform your school and community practice or promote foodstuff safety to contribute to your individual health? (20 points)

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