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Bulacan was officially known as “Bulacan Province”, is a top notch province from the Republic from the Philippines situated in the Central Luzon Region (Region 3) in the island of Luzon, North of Manila (the nation’s capital), and portion of the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway Super Area. Bulacan pries itself due to its rich traditional heritage. Bulacan has quickly become a perfect tourist vacation spot, owing to the vital role in Filipino history, as well as its rich heritage in tradition and the disciplines.

The region is commonly known for its historical sites; nostalgic old houses and churches; idyllic ecological sights; religious destinations; colorful and enchanting celebrations; swimming and various inspired attractions; and a wide selection of elegant native products and appealing delicacies.

It is additionally home to varied resorts, hotels, restaurants, and also other recreational facilities. (Wikipedia)

The briskness of Street food in Bulacan can be tested by the long queue of consumers’ day-to-day in the meals outlets in strategic places where street food like: “lugaw” or Rice Porridge, goto, mami, seafood balls, barbecued banana, salted peanuts and chicken pops.

(Toledo, 1988) Street Foods is a “Survival Meals”, maybe because it satisfies the gustatory perception for a temporary period of time. (Soledad Leynes, 1986) In this kind of case, consuming away from home due to the changes in job and actions created a with regard to cooked meals and snack foods at an inexpensive and low cost that are dished up quickly.

Dual career, father and mother and small families who really have no time to prepare all their meals in the home resort to street foods intended for convenience. These people seem never to care for the food source whether it comes from your legitimate meals merchants or from the informal sector, normally called black market. (Soledad Leynes, 1986) Street foods, whether snacks or foods are inexpensive and always obtainable, which are extremely popular among the low income homeowners to a hugely and more and more a daily service among the central income teams.

Households with working moms are provided ready to eat meals without the burden of cooking food at home. Street food suits the demands of the downtown poor population by making meals readily available including low cost. Hence, street foodstuff vending is known as a traditional activity which can be considered a coping mechanism of the urban poor. Street meals are ready-to-eat food and drinks prepared and/or sold simply by vendors or hawkers especially in the streets and also other similar places.

They symbolize a significant a part of urban diet for countless low-and-middle-income consumers, in urban areas on a daily basis. Street foods might be the least expensive and the most accessible method of obtaining a nutritionally balanced meal outside the home for many low income persons, provided that the consumer is knowledgeable and able to choose the appropriate combination of food. (Food and Agriculture Corporation of the United Nations)

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