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Three reasons why I chose South west.

There are many reasons why a student would made a decision to go to Southwest. I chose Freebie southwest because they earn it inexpensive for a student who cannot afford a four 12 months university.

Southwest is usually only quarter-hour away from my own where I live. Consequently , I i am able to live from home. Likewise, Southwest offers the classes which i need to take which goes towards my own degree.

The first purpose I choose Southwest Community College is because it truly is affordable.

Various teenagers took on the responsibility of living on their own. This means that they have their particular bills to cover. Money is not easy to come by and college is not cheap. Freebie southwest offers a large number of financial alternatives and scholarships for students. 4 year colleges and universities tuition can cost up to 40 thousand dollars, but at Southwest you can take two years of school that will the same up to and even less than a 12 months at a four year university. A whole lot of colleges that teenagers will certainly attend have to pay for car parking.

They will need to pay up to 138 dollars or up, although at Freebie southwest its absolutely free. The second reason I chose to attend Freebie southwest Community College or university is because it is closer to my own home. I actually am big on viewing family, therefore it made it less difficult for me to stay closer to observe all of them. Not only me, nevertheless most people who have attend Freebie southwest community university have jobs can not simply up and quite to look and get yourself a further education at a four season university. At Southwest this makes it easier teens and adults that have part-time and also full time jobs to obtain a degree.

We live at home still, but most people out of high university still live at home as well. By going to Southwest it is only fifteen minutes from my house for the college, so that it really does not make me have to get an apartment closer to it. For Southwest it really makes spending the smaller vacations with your loved ones easy. Yes, I receive out for major holidays, nevertheless I have seniors family that wont be here forever, so it gives me the pleasure of spending time with them.

The next reason I selected to attend Southwest Virginia Community College is basically because I can acquire my level in the field My spouse and i desire to learn in. I am going into the field of Criminal Justice as well as the classes for Southwest achieve where I am able to get my Associates level in 2 years. At schools you can head into class and it will be over crowded, which can make it hard for people to learn. At Southwest you willhave probably a max of 20 or more persons in class and still be able to ask your professor anything you want. A whole lot of my ADJ teachers are past law enforcement or active law enforcement personal, to allow them to tell of the experience at work.

At major colleges the professors generally there have not actually been 1 day on duty, to me thats a little hard to teach you what it is like. Inside the majority of my classes I actually take remarks or I actually am possessing a hands on knowledge instead of having my head in the book the whole time. The ups about Community college is the fact most of your credits in the event that not all is going to transfer to most four season colleges or university.

In todays overall economy money is usually tight and people are inexpensive. Southwest allows young adults take care of money while obtaining a college degree of their dreams. People claim home is usually where the cardiovascular is, South west community university is near to where most of its pupils live. Many students take advantage of the colleges area. Why go to a four yr university when you might get the same education by experienced instructors right at residence. Southwest has many advantages more than a four 12 months university, I have listed a few. I would chose Southwest over any 4 year university or college any day of the week.


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