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Most of us have our values which may have developed resulting from our family and childhood experience, and as a result of our friendships and relationships. The values are influenced by simply people in our local community, and by national figures and the media. Support workers in social treatment are expected to advertise particular values. There are two important take into account note. Initially, the idea that learning disability staff are supporting a person. It is not necessarily a question of being in charge or perhaps in control, since choice and decision-making should lie together with the person, as much as possible.

Second, it is very important these principles are part of your daily work. There should be nothing exceptional about them, they must be part of day-to day lifestyle.

Within a few days of beginning work with individuals with learning problems, it should be clear to you that everyone you work with is an individual, using their own particular likes, dislikes, strengths and personality.

Services and support staff should always focus on the individuals they are working with, rather than the requirements of a population group. You and your colleagues really should have the expectations, dreams, passions and needs of every person you support as a top priority in your daily operate.

Why it is necessary to promote rightsand values

When we talk about promoting legal rights and ideals, we mean:

actively using those legal rights and values to impact everything we do seeing all of them as having an important function in all the work as learning disability workersencouraging their make use of as the criteria by which we all and others judge the quality of your life of the people we support, and thequality of the solutions that support them. This is a big task. The application of values while standards will be a major challenge to services. But the idea can be central to the basic principles of supporting people with learning problems. To prove that you have realized this, you should be able to discuss why it is vital to work in a way that promotes these kinds of values once supporting those who have a learning disability. This exampleshould enable you to develop the skills you will need to talk about values in relation to the lives of the people you support.

Person centred values imply that people with learning disabilities should certainly:

no longer be marginalised and separated within world

have the same social status as other people

no longer be subject to fermage and mistreatment

have their opinions taken seriously

get their adult status recognised

have a similar citizenship legal rights as other people.

The General Interpersonal Care Authorities (GSCC) is definitely the organisation build by the govt in 2001 to register and regulate every social attention workers. It includes produced a Code of Practice which usually states that social proper care workers should certainly work in a specific way. You can see some of these requirements in the desk below:

Code of Practice for Cultural Care Personnel requirements

Guard the legal rights and promote the passions of service users and carers

Strive to create and maintain the trust and confidence of service Users and carers

Showcase the independence of services users, while protecting them as far as possible via danger or harm

Respect the rights of service users, while seeking to ensure that all their behaviour does not harm themselves or other people


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