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Biodiversity, Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, All-natural Resource

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However whether or not they are easily available with time the reserves will be depleted and this will pose as a obstacle not only to the forest ecosystem but as well the energy demands. On the other hand the application of renewable source of power is beneficial considering they are environmental friendly. The alternative energy also have a lot of risks such as the use of hydro projects can impact forest environments if their influences are not mitigated.

3) Varieties extinction

Inside the forest environments plants and animals happen to be increasingly vanished in the present moments. This can be attributed to both normal and man-made reasons. The major cause of this kind of extinction is the destruction in the forest ecosystem for instance through clearing of forest property for farming, urbanization or harvest real wood. This will lead to shrinking of habitats to get both pets or animals and crops in the ecosystem (Hogan, 2010), The existence of biodiversity is very important within a community. when there is more biodiversity it means that future decades will enjoy this kind of biodiversity but since there is significantly less it means that they can not have a chance of viewing some species that were in existence.

4) Alternate energy assets

There are various methods the government can easily encourage the use of alternative energy resources that will not deplete the forest ecosystem. Renewable causes of energy are still developing technically and therefore they have cost buildings that cover anything from upfront costs that are excessive and detailed costs. The federal government can offer monetary incentives pertaining to manufacturing, getting as well as the installing of the alternative devices of energy resource. This will motivate people to endeavor into this alternative powers. The use of these resources will have an impact for the economic and social environment. On the economy more and more people will venture into the alternative system. The contemporary society will have located a solution to pollution problems from non-renewable energy sources.


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