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Harlem Renaissance

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Sonnets, Art Of Protest, Anthem, Literary Motif

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” (Line 19) Her art creates joy yet she continues to have to can be found in the mundane world of every day strife and problems.

We also get this anxiety about the strife and woes of the world in the second composition “The Careful Blues. inch In this poem the talent is music and especially ‘blues’ music, which echoes the suffering, problems and anxieties of human life and existence. The impression of being fatigued and troubled is stressed through repeating and by the refrain ” O. Doldrums!. ” The state of mind of the blues player is plainly depicted inside the language of the poem; for example , the way which the blues swinger sways for the music.

The two poems display how art forms including music and dance can easily express the feelings of the spirit of human beings. Both as well suggest that fine art is also a way of transcending or perhaps going over and above the problems every day life, however, not escaping the fact of the individual condition.


The central protagonist in the play “Trifles” is prosecutor George Henderson, who has the job of examining the killing of David Hassock by his wife, Margaret. The play is dependent on a real-life murder circumstance that occurred in Indianola, Iowa. In cases like this the partner was charged of murdering her husband with a great axe. Yet , there are other central personas that put important interesting depth to the enjoy, especially the girl characters. These include Mrs. Peters, the Sheriff’s wife and Mrs. Good.

A central theme of the play are the differences between the genders and the approach that the woman’s role and view anytime is often disregarded as a “trifle” from the man perspective. The trifles or perhaps seemingly unimportant details of a woman’s your life have a powerful symbolic worth in the play.

This makes reference particularly towards the various “trifles” that the woman characters locate in the Hassock home; such as the female regarding knitting, cutting and food preparation. These uncover another aspect of the knowledge and the circumstance of women in society; which often reveals the divide among women and men. A good example of a seemingly insignificant detail that escapes the attention of male detectives but uncovers a great deal about the life with the woman surviving in the house is a small , deceased canary. The bird has had its the neck and throat wrung. This kind of symbolizes the subjugation of women by guys and advises the denial of their personal identity and freedom. It is also significant the women statement that the charged woman not allowed to sing or to share herself in your home.

What this play implies about proper rights and the legal system is that justice can be biased against women in a male – dominated culture. More importantly, the play suggests that true rights may typically necessitate a more intense and detailed watch of the entire situation just before a truly simply verdict could be pronounced. Basically, the entire context of a circumstance should be taken into account and not only a lot more obvious and logical details. Furthermore, the play likewise draws the attention to the injustices and prejudices that occur in the society.

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