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Fortune has always been a word that can blend up a debate in whether or not that exists. Many people believe good fortune exists and there’s nothing you can apply to change your failure or success. But there are others that believe the activities you participate in to reach a large number of opportunities will certainly determine success or failure. Personally Certainly with the pursuing notion by simply Oprah Winfrey that says “luck is a couple of preparation meeting opportunity.

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My personal reasons for agreeing are because the actions you take will always determine your result and planning is a great component when confronted with any and all opportunities.

First, Certainly with subsequent notion simply by Oprah Winfrey which usually states “luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity,  because the activities you consider will always verify your outcome.

I believe this because when you wish to acquire somewhere anyone with just present waiting on come to you about this. I feel that by simply going out and being in charge and becoming a go driver will always verify your outcome.

For example , I wanted my loved ones to have a better lifestyle than what I skilled, so I chose to obtain a college degree. While creating this decision My spouse and i couldn’t only lie around and be ready to get recognized just from doing research. I had to use myself during high school, being that I had to create good degrees. In addition , I had developed to go out and fill out applications to various schools and continuously make phone calls to ensure We took the proper actions to access where I wanted to be.

Second, I agree while using following idea by Oprah Winfrey which states “luck is actually a matter of preparing meeting prospect,  because preparation is a great factor the moment faced with any and all opportunities. After i am up against opportunities I am usually thinking of ways I can stop myself prepare for stated opportunity. As an example, I have seen how a few of my friends will certainly ask me to help give them a mock interview. Giving my local freinds a mock interview helped them to observe their problems and faults so that they may later correct them for the real interview.

I feel that by them getting yourself ready for their interview allowed those to better themselves for what was to come and it in addition helped them go in with full confidence knowing that these were well prepared. In summary, I agree that luck won’t exist although I do believe that the activities you have will always determine your outcome and preparation is a wonderful factor once faced with any opportunities. I find myself the more you are prepared will certainly determined the successful effects, rather than placing all the fault or hope in good fortune.


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