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Men have been used to burning fossil fuels to generate energy from long time ago. It may be an worrying problem that climate continues to be changed everyday and the require of the non-renewable fuels is improved. Burning coal, petroleum and also other fossil fuels can be used to produce electrical power, but which will pollutes two vital elements like atmosphere and drinking water in our environment.

Renewal energy is definitely alternating source to produce strength and that do not virtually any bad effects to environment and keep safe of our environment. With a inhabitants of 163 million, Bangladesh is a one of the densely populated country. Rapid urbanization motivated by stable economic development has created an enormous demand of one’s. In Bangladesh, the electricity comes from using gas or fuel. The utility electrical power sector in Bangladesh provides one National Grid with an set up capacity of 15, 379 MW while on Feb 2017

The Government of Bangladesh has plans to increase electric power generation plus the demand for electrical power in Bangladesh is expected to reach thirty four, 000 MW by 2030. There is an ambitious concentrate on to generate 2000 MW of renewable energy electricity by 2021 and in whose at least 10% can be met by renewable resources including solar energy system. For this purpose, the government happens to be working to mount solar panel-based power tasks connected with the national main grid, which will include a 572 MW ability Out of 2000 MW solar energy, 1000 MW would be come from caribbean system. There may be an vital need to use renewable energy in each and every possible type and push toward the sustainable energy sector. Photo voltaic system is one of the most important and premising technology that are able to create the electrical power to meet the electricity require of the whole world.

Since previous decade, the photovoltaic sector grows much more than 40% per year due to reduction in PV program. There are two effective systems for solar power photovoltaic plant design. Is stand-alone program and other is usually grid linked system. S. Karki ain al. do an examination for grid connected PV system in Kathmandu and Berlin through PVsyst software. In the simulation it was founded that Kathmandu is more solar powered energy produced than Berlin together with the same program.

Sumado a. M Irwan et approach. do a examine to examination for a 150kW solar power grow. In the study we identified that Cyprus has a large number of sunlit days in a year so expenditure of the sun plant is very effective. Shukla ainsi que al. performed the design and analysis of rooftop solar PV system for Hostel building at MANIT, and determined the payback period of 8. 2 years. Raturi et approach. studied the grid linked PV system for Pacific cycles island countries in case research of forty-five kWp GCPV system located at the College or university of the Southern Pacific (USP) marine campus in Fiji. Further, Daybreak et ‘s. showed the recent innovations of India in the solar power sector. Matiyali et approach. evaluated the performance of any proposed four hundred KW grid connected solar PV plant in Dhalipur. Overall performance ratio and many types of power deficits were computed. Value with the performance ratio obtained was 78. 1% from the outcomes practicality with the solar photo voltaic power plant was discussed.

We identified that PVsyst software is the best software for simulation of sizing, optimizing, loss examination and financial analyses of any grid linked photovoltaic system. We estimate financial examines and simulation with PVsyst V six. 43 application. Proper dimension and calculations of main grid connected PHOTOVOLTAIC system is performed for Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science Technology University, Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

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