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The opening pattern of a film has to tell us a great deal regarding the story, it’s the opening pattern, which captivates the mind and keeps the viewer interested. Franco Zeffirellis opening shot is of the camera panning over a long-shot of central Verona, he does this to offer an insight into the city, a simple zoom across instantly lets us know this is placed in the past as we are seeing fifteenth century Verona. The director’s name is definitely superimposed within this, and then the camera targets a misty sun, this provides a sense of calmness.

The camera after that zooms in on the sun, and William Shakespeare’s brand comes up beneath it. All of us then perform a straight cut to a taken inside the town walls, it of the film is again superimposed about the same shot although all this is happening music plays (romantic orchestral). The camera then can be showing an extended shot from the citizens getting into through the door, the camera pans remaining, this taken lasts for fifteen seconds ” this shot is given to add to the anticipations on whatever we are going to find next, exactly where are these folks going?

That adds to the entire scene we certainly have seen so far, every shot we are gathering more information about the place which shot merely helps this along a little.

Then we listen to the bustle of the industry and lower to the market. Yellow and red dressed legs are walking throughout the market, this can be done, as this is our initial view from the Capulets. Zefferelli frames the men’s thighs, in their house colors to focus on them as part of the Capulets.

We are today up to taken 4, the camera songs the thighs through to taken 6 ” one of the Capulets kicks a dog, and an individual shouts bad guy. Shot 6 is whenever we first begin to see the men’s looks, this shot is quite near give a very clear view in the servants of the Capulets, additionally, it shows all of us their feelings and they are referring to the everlasting quarrel involving the masters in the Capulet and Montague.

The Capulets are portrayed to get mischievous and having scandalous fun on the market that makes all of them laugh. Shot 7 we see the Capulet servants at a market stall, the shot is required behind the stall and so we see a full on look at of the Capulets, and presently there expressions whenever they see a Montague coming The camera in that case cuts to a new stall, the place that the Montague clergyman is talking to the booth holder, this kind of bring in the religious theme of the story.

Then simply for a final shot in the opening sequence we lessen to the Capulets, where they are talking about fighting with the Montague’s. This entire sequence held up one minute twenty five three and due to the photos the camera took we have gained a great deal of information about the setting and themes, already we have seen proof of religious and conflict themes within the history.

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