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Ford Motor Company

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The franchisee is essentially self- employed, nevertheless must function the operation outlet based on the procedures by the franchisor’. Other advantages contain better raising finance options due to decrease risks linked to already common brand expansion, employee schooling by a franchisor, overall decrease of organization risk towards the franchisee, exterior benefiting from the expansion from the franchisor brand and chain, less expenses on ad and Pr campaign and access from the franchisor to most public ad resources, business insurance and additional on. The study of Barrow, Golzen and Kogan accents that ‘In the U. S. A., for example , McDonald’s, among the world’s largest franchisors, consumes more on TV advertising than Kellogg’s, and virtually just like the Ford Motor Company’. (Barrow, Golzen Kogan 2000 p. 37). Because the franchisee operates in regional to him market, he is able to exploit this insight understanding and outshine the market widespread competitors. In respect to Mendelsohn, ‘Sales in 1997 come to 7 billion, compared with five. 2 billion dollars in 1990, which symbolizes somewhat lower than the 50 percent increases in systems and franchisee quantities over the same period’. (Mendelsohn, M 2001 p. 321).

The procedures manual provided typically by a franchisor to the franchisee rewards them both. ‘The operations manual is a full description of all of the operating guidelines, procedures, methods and devices used to work the company. (Clarke, G 1999 l. 30). The operations manual enables the franchisor to make certain, that although each organization is individually owned and operated, a similar levels of top quality and customer care are steady throughout the network. A small business that may be thinking about learning to be a franchisor may illustrate the way they want the company to be run using a day-to-day basis throughout the operations manual. An detailed manual may include some of the pursuing sections; beginning hours and days, prices policies, accounting, advertising, staff duties, repayment of business fees, stock control techniques, staff plans and rotas and funds control and banking techniques. The detailed manual is very useful to the franchisee in that it helps these the everyday running from the business. Also if there are any improvements made to the running of the franchise the operations manual will be current accordingly. A franchisor like Kentucky Toast Chicken (GB) Ltd. can include the following areas in their operations manual; ‘cleaning routines, quality recipes, methods of plans of foodstuff, kitchen methods and client complaints procedures’. (Mendelsohn, M 2001 g. 69).

Mendelsohn further distinguishes ability to enroll in the English Franchising Affiliation (BFA) as being a great business benefit for the franchisors and the franchisees exactly where they can acquire quality and updated organization information, advice and suggestions. The BFA is the self-regulating body to get franchising through the UK. ‘The BFA offers two kinds of membership, full membership and associate membership. Full members meet each of the BFA standards, while connect members are recorded the whole more recent entrants to franchising that have yet to establish a proven trading and franchising record’. (Mendelsohn, M 2001 p. 312). According to organization code, being a person in the BFA has the pursuing benefits to get franchisors; reduced costs on exhibitions and advertising, a newsletter from your BFA on a quarterly basis, franchising related training and seminar programs, credited as one of the best franchisors, associates from abroad and nationwide and local meetings offering advice and experience to franchisors. Franchisees are not people of the BFA, but potential franchisees can benefit from the BFA. The BFA identifies the names of the franchisors that are with accordance with

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