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Because of this, many modern Masonic lodges offer tours to the public wherever non-Masons can visit the villa and learn more about Masonic activities (Rich Merchant, 2003).

Since the mid-nineteenth century, various scholars also have equated Masonry with Mormonism, because of both groups’ dependence on key rituals and closed temples. This is a single reason the Masons possess begun to open up their particular temples for the public. Authors Rich and Merchant continue, “In summary, in the United States, Masonic policies have got evolved and gradually moved away from the secrecy and pseudo-historical claims that once characterized the society. Secrecy had not been abandoned, however it became significantly less important” (Rich Merchant, 2003). Thus, Masons have changed with the period, and modernized their businesses until they fit in our modern day western contemporary society, and that is probably one explanation that a lot of Masonic lodges still exist today.

Today, the rituals and secrecy with the Masonic villa has been replaced by a group that is dedicated to service in the neighborhood and the community. They are especially active in disaster relief efforts around the world, including earthquake and hurricane relief, plus they have had a history of this support since the twenties. They also offer international calling cards to members of the military positioned overseas, provide hospital visitations to sufferers in Veteran’s Hospitals and extended care facilities, and provide service in their local areas (Editors, 2007). The Masons are still a closed culture, in that they require members being nominated and confirmed, but they have become far less secretive and far more open about their actions and traditions.

In conclusion, the Masonic firm has been around for more than 100 years in America, almost as long as the itself. Nowadays there are Masonic lodges in every condition in the union, including Alaska and Hawaii islands, and the companies donate huge amount of money to many different relief and humanitarian agencies. The Freemasons of the Dark ages have progressed into a vital service organization in America, and it seems that they will continue to expand and grow as even more people arrive to understand the actual purpose of the group as well as its endeavors.


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