french innovation down with monarchy annotated

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The french language Revolution

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The french language, Monarchy, Napoleon Bonaparte, Enlightenment Period

Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:

Kant, Immanuel. “What Is the Enlightenment? ” (1784): Web..

They are excerpts from journal articles and speeches by Immanuel Kant. Having been a distinguished German Thinker, and he was commonly known as getting the first to makes use of the word enlightenment. During the enlightenment period, having been among the many innovational thinkers. These kinds of excerpts will help in providing brief information of the enlightenment period, when it was a strong historical circumstance for french Revolution. Employing quotes coming from Kant, one is able to demonstrate the enlightenment period.

Pinel, Phillipe. “Execution of the King. ” Letter. 21 Jan. 1793. Going through the French Revolution. Web..

This was a letter by Phillipe Pinel who had been an observer to the delivery of Full Louis XVI. This letter will assist in describing the King’s performance. There is quote in the notice that signifies the King’s death was easy and quickly, which illustrates that he did not undergo. The notification indicates a historic celebration when France was not dominated by the monarch.

“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Wave. ” Roy Rosenzweig Centre for Background New Press (George Builder University) and American Interpersonal History Job (City University or college of New York). Web. your five Jan. 2013.

This website provides information about the whole wave. The website have been categorized, making it easy to maneuver through the articles. The revolution has been documented from its commence till the finish. This website will assist in providing important timelines of the innovation and also the incidents that came about. Reasons for the monarchy fall, social changes, enlightenment, and rise with the republic had been well shown in the web page.

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Republic of colombia University, Press. “King of France John XVI. inch Colombia Electronic digital Encyclopedia, sixth Ed. (2011): 1 . History Reference Center. Web.

This source supplies information about the life of King Louis XVI, his reign, how he ascended to electricity, his fall, and finally guillotined. This supply will assist in demonstrating how a King had not been successful, well-liked, and powerful. It was the King’s refusal to make accommodement with the People from france people that triggered the trend.

“French Revolution. ” The french language Revolution. Internet..

This website provides information regarding the revolution’s background. It provides data of how the revolution found arise, and it also describes the enlightenment period. This website will help in displaying how the enlightenment greatly afflicted and moved for the revolution’s support.

L, a. “Remains through the day. ” Humanities. N. p., Apr. 2010. Web.

This kind of source supplies a different watch of the innovation. It looks with the revolution through the point of hospitals and cemeteries. It is crucial to have another view which is presented at this time source. It is necessary as it shows the killings and beheadings that came about during this rule of dread.

Zeender, John. “In Their particular Words: Thomas Jefferson and the Storming of the Bastille. inch The Countrywide Archives. And. p., N. d. World wide web.

This origin provides information in regards to the Fort storming. The information is based on what someone noticed. This supply assists in providing a simple point about the Bastille storming.

“Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene Delacroix (1830).

In this portrait a woman is usually depicted leading the French soldiers while holding the French flag into challenge. This piece of art assists in demonstrating the beginning of the revolution. It also shows the women involvement during the trend.

“French Innovation. ” Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica On the net. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2013. Web..

This kind of source supplies the history of the revolution, the folks who were involved, and the Napoleon Empire. This kind of source permits one to obtain a better point of view of the The french language history, which can be used to analysis other areas stated in the text message.

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