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An important aspect in attempting to improve and perfect ones sporting skills is usually to understand the biomechanics that are engaged. Biomechanics is the study showing how the body movements and the efficiency of movements (INCLUDE BOOK REFRENCE). By understanding the guidelines underpinning an athlete’s overall performance using biomechanics, it enables you to detect mistakes easier in the technique and adjust the athletes’ efficiency accordingly. Hello my name is Melyssa and today We are analysing the footage of any smash documented from a game of badminton.

Badminton is a game with rackets where a shuttlecock can be hit forward and backward across a net (Random House Dictionary, 2014).

I will discover both the abilities and failings of this shot and employing biomechanical conditions, justify possible modifications that can potentially become in order to improve the athletes skill.


Function is a useful tool used once analysing a great athlete’s overall performance. It is thought as the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living microorganisms (Random House Dictionary, 2014). The biomechanical principles that is discussed with this presentation happen to be stability, equilibrium, summation of forces, and projectile movement. They pin point the strengths and weaknesses of the player to assist the players to further improve their performance.


The objective of a beat in a game of volant is to produce a fast downwards shot, aimed at the opponents’ court leading to an immediate level. After examining my badminton smash and comparing this to professional, my pros and cons are obvious. The video demonstrates that the sportsperson successfully ways to position themselves under the shuttlecock and efficiently used their particular front equip to harmony the racket arm. Though, the sportsperson failed to execute certain terme conseillé that are essential in order to perform a successful break. The sportsperson also fails to position all their body area on to the net and instead continues to be facing forwards. This affects the push behind the shot and results in a lower projectile movement of the shuttlecock. The first weakness determined in the online video is in relation to the players balance resulting from an incorrect centre of gravity.

Having a accurate centre of gravity is definitely a important aspect from the badminton shotas it can result in incorrect redressers and bring about an incorrect trajectory of the shuttle, resulting in a failed smash. The athlete must have their body system mass distributed evenly, enabling the best possible gravity centre. The base of support must be wide, to enable for maximum balance. Your centre of gravity changes when you extend up into the air hitting the shuttle service. The video implies that the sportsman fails to placement their weight on their back foot the moment positioning themselves for the smash, causing an limited base of support. This may ultimately impacts their equilibrium and has a negative effect on their total smash.


One more weakness inside the athletes smash is all their failure to successfully lengthen their provide to optimum length when creating contact with the shuttle. This impacts their particular performance simply by restricting the number of projectile motion used in the shot. Charge motion identifies when A projectile object upon which the only pressure is the law of gravity (physics class, 2008). Two major aspects of projectile movement include position and height of release. By twisting your provide during the break it limits the athletes’ height of release, because this escalates its top angle of release diminishes. This causes¦. This is evident in the images demonstrated. In order to develop a successful badminton smash, the peak of release needs to be deemed, when formulating the perspective of discharge, as when the height enhances the angle of release reduce.

This is because it needs the athlete to extend and jump in order to strike the shuttle from a better point, creating a decreased viewpoint. This means her smash truly does not¦ the actual video shows¦. Their adjustable rate mortgage was likewise bent when coming up with contact, causing a loss of pressure due to declining to help straighten their arm, affecting the angle of release and again the quantity of force place behind their very own shot. The angle that the racket makes exposure to the shuttle service cock, can determine the angle of release and therefore the height and distance it will travel. With force summation, the shuttle cock will receive a certain amount of rate upon discharge. The greater the force employed in the taken, the greater the velocity or discharge will be. The follow through will even help to decide the final path it will travel. If the sportsperson hits the shuttle dick higher up and sides it downwards it will proceed downwards.

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