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In the essay “Working at McDonald’s”, the author Amitai Etzioni argues that doing work at McDonald’s or any take out restaurant does not teach the necessary skills or perhaps habits needed to succeed in an expert job. He writes that people that work for these junk food places never get to practice entrepreneurship, home discipline, do it yourself supervision, or perhaps self arranging. Etzioni even comes close the job by these locations as automated programs working in an assembly line. In accordance to his research 2/3 of high institution students possess part-time careers.

He continues to say that initially giving a teen a job could be a good thing since it gives them an opportunity to include work experience and in the end they would break free their parents, but that is not necessarily authentic.

Working for fast food restaurants are providing teens with money that they believe is enough to buy them by anytime which causes a rise in school drop outs. With so many dropouts, these students are caught up in a associated with low task skills that prevents them from becoming college-bound students and achieving their particular goals and dreams.

The author believes that teenage jobs are affecting the student’s university attendance, paper, and even misinterpret the value of the dollar. With this paper, Let me present 3 different inconsistant viewpoints in working in fast food places. The three different viewpoints are people who are against working in these locations, those who are for doing it, and those who also believe that it is just necessary to some extent.

Initially Viewpoint

Those who are against working in fast food places believe that they are bad for young adults and are stopping them coming from continuing onto better jobs. They are protecting against teens from learning the skill sets and understanding needed to be able to move on toward bigger and better things. Teens which have a job and go to school at the same time have to learn how to deal with and stability two various things at the same time. “Fast-food chains are popular employers but can easily require young staff to work up to three midnight alterations a week; a schedule that could leave people that have a 7. 30am institution start short on analyze time and sleep”(Balancing Home, Work, and Homework, 5). Most of these times, a teen cannot keep an equal harmony between equally, which results in poor school overall performance.

Working for a fast meals restaurant would not require accredited skills trained in educational institutions or trade schools. Reduce paying careers like take out industries aren’t considered a career with a lots of potential to move up. With so many people functioning minimum wage jobs, folks are abandoning their careers simply because that task is paying off the expenses for now. Junk food wages are certainly not enough to cover living costs for your entire life. Those doing work in these careers are not working middle-class jobs, but similar to lower-class. This also affects the economy categorizing it as a lower status instead of elevating its status. That fails to lessen poverty and affects everybody in the economy adversely.

Second Viewpoint

Your fast food job can be a positive thing. Some people rely on these minimum salary jobs since it is their just source of income. “One of the most amazing findings is the fact more than two-thirds of the pr�t � manger workers had been over age group 20, and 68% will be the main earners in their people, and more will be parents raising a child than teenagers managing their parents” (The Tough Price Americans Pay for Pr�t � manger Jobs, 1). With that being said, these fast food areas are assisting families away by providing some source of income, whether or not it is a bare minimum wage work.

College students are working in take out restaurants to be able to pay off loans or settle payments while they can be in school. Additionally they help out college students who have little or no work experience by providing them with a job that they can placed on their resume. Working in places like McDonald’s show that you are able to work in an easy paced environment. Some of these junk food places actually pay a decent amount like In-N-Out.

In-N-Out, the family-owned cycle started in 1948, is the just company in the rankings to pay more than $10 1 hour. Vice President Carl Van Fleet said the company’s founders assumed it was important to treat workers with admiration and make up them very well. In-N-Out cafe workers today earn $10,50. 50 1 hour when they are chosen. “And that may be just a commence, ” Truck Fleet said. “Our acquaintances can make raises quickly from there. “(1) These hire wages can help cover better living costs and help gain expertise that become attractive to future employees.

Third Viewpoint

Some people happen to be neither pertaining to nor against working in junk food places. They believe these low paying careers are necessary at some point of a person’s life. For example , a person barely beginning in the work industry and has little if any experience. This is certainly a temporary purpose of them till they locate a better, higher paying work and at the same time the girl with getting job history. These low paying jobs are not a permanent fix, the provide direction and funds. In an article called “Do You Want a Career With That? ” talks about a female who had recently had a baby. “She performed at a restaurant near her house and could make regular trips to help her partner with her son. ‘It was my personal first actual job (and) I really loved it, ‘ said Steed, who now has an office work at the University or college of Manitoba” (1 of 2). That temporarily helped her with all the costs from the baby whilst she worked on getting a better job for her new relatives.

Working for these reduce wage jobs are opportunities while you help to make a career out of your self. Everyone has to get started on somewhere, generally that means doing work at take out restaurants for the portion of your school job. The skills and life lessons that teenagers learn at the begining of work scenarios can encourage them to get yourself a better education.

Personal Response

I personally believe that functioning at a minimum income job like McDonald’s is a good start in order to gain job history. It is also a fantastic when it comes to assisting pay off activities such as loans till you get your degree. My opinion has remained similar throughout the analysis of the dissertation. I see it as an opportunity to gain a few work experience although I prepare myself for any better spending job. I use also learned many things that we did not know from doing this research. I actually learned that apart from too many people working minimum income jobs, too many people are dropping out of faculty because they believe that task will support them all during their life.

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