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Male or female Difference

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On the one hand there was clearly the view that gender or rather gender variations were something that had been created by man, culture and society. This is contrasted by view that gender dissimilarities were not made but was actually innate and part of the normal order to points. They were as well linked to spiritual views and conceptions. This view on the other hand found it difficult to account for variations in gender tastes and homosexuality.

What started to be clear through the interviews is that these two interviewees represent very different views of gender which might be possibly mirrored in the bigger society. These were however identical in some respects; for instance they both had been subject to particular gender stereotypes. This also suggests that the meaning of gender is unclear and that it really is obscured by stereotypes inside the media and cultural sights and suggestions.

While the interviews provide information they also brought up a great number of queries. For example , as to what extent is usually gender a social structure and to what extent would it be genetic or perhaps innate; are typical gender attributes only the result of a learning process in society; as to the extent is definitely the media a part of the problem and to what degree does it in order to from our concepts and ideas of male or female and libido. These are problems that provide since great deal of food for believed. These interviews have undoubtedly opened my eyes to a wide variety of opportunities and the complexity of this issued.


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Appendix: Interview questionnaire

1 . What within your view the which means of gender?

2 . What do you think is the central difference among male and feminine?

3. Exactly what the main qualities as you find it of being man and female?

5. Do you think that gender can be genetic or perhaps social in origin?

five. To what magnitude do you think that gender distinctions are socially constructed or set by society in which you live?

6. What is your watch of sex preferences and homosexuality? How does this fit into your watch of sexuality differences?

7. Describe your view from the roles which might be appropriate to each gender. Will need to there be separate jobs for each male or female?

8. How can you account for difference in gender roles in different societies?

9. What do you comprehend by male or female stereotypes?

twelve. What part do the mass media play in

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