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Excerpt via Research Proposal:

Being aware of in advance the terrain, the vegetation, plus the water options prepares the mission groups with the expertise to deal with the factors associated with the geographical conditions from the site. Examination provides data for deciding in advance the very best sites to create base camps, where the ground is less vulnerable to hostile advances. It illustrates in advance just how supplies is going to most successfully and expeditiously be sent to the site. The GIS can indicate to armed forces coordinators how many choppers, ground armored vehicles, and other military transport vehicles the utilization of which is dependent upon conditions of terrain. Regardless of whether supplies could be delivered by way of ground or air is an important consideration in planning and supplying a military work out or function. GIS is actually a valuable device for armed service logistical uses.

If we go through the layered info GIS has the ability to of delivering, we find the information is important to planning an attacking or protecting military position. Where troops will be smartly placed in a conflict zone is a making decisions process that, today, can be facilitated by GIS data.

Combining GIS data with GPS the near immortals military power, which could considerably reduce the quantity of troops plus the equipment that is certainly needed in the grass. With the combination of GIS and GPS, the precise location of the hostile force can be determined, and, if necessary, exceptional teams are able to use the information to mount an assault. The combination of GPS NAVIGATION and GIS allow the armed service analysts to be to more accurately determine the quantity of troops, and the route of the troops in the most strategic and greatest prepared attack on an enemy force. The GIS permits the experts to hone in a certain location, and also be able to creatively see the objectives on the ground, evaluate their strength in numbers and military products.

Legacy Weather condition

The GIS system is crucial to the army in other methods. Climate is usually predictable, although “real time” images of weather systems and conditions are vital to organizing and carrying out military activities. GIS has the capacity to show a cumulating thunderstorm system, fine sand and dust hard storms, and other weather conditions as they are occurring. Recent surprise systems like the infamous Storm Katrina, in 2005, have been completely tracked simply by satellite.

The knowledge, though it proved important, and there was clearly much improve notice from the hurricane since it grew into a category your five hurricane, even now there were folks who did not react to warnings for evacuation of places their best Orleans, and extensive destruction and loss of life followed.

GIS allows for military market leaders to make decisions, making use of the weather with their advantage. Troops can approach under the cover of climate, when rival forces could be restricted due to they are organised stationary in the weather conditions. Under, is an image of Hurricane Katrina as it bore straight down upon the Gulf Shoreline.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Operations, found at,2005.

Ronald L. Sznaider, Vp of Meterologix (2005), an organization specializing in GIS and weather forecasting says”

The use of GIS as a tool to make synthetic business decisions during the past more than 20 years is very well documented. This “traditional” use of GIS was typically connected with decision cycles of for a longer time time periods (on the purchase of weeks and months), the use of fairly static info (i. elizabeth. elevation contours), the near exclusive utilization of sophisticated computer’s desktop GIS research tools, and typically involved only a few, highly specialized users (i. electronic. GIS analysts). With the introduction of effectively updating, local weather information into a GIS, Meteorlogix offers helped change the paradigm to one of employing GIS to accomplish operational decision support. The resulting weather-enabled decision support systems support much short time weighing machines (on the order of minutes), using frequently upgrading data tiers (weather information updates every single minute), making use of Internet telecommunications for the sharing and distribution with the data, and allowing engagement of many users of different experience executing simple browsing all the way to doing complex research. The blend of weather condition information with GIS delivers new and exciting capabilities now being realized by simply businesses to mitigate their particular weather-related hazards. “

Musical legacy Mapping

Of many uses that put army forces in a advantage in using GIS, mapping is probably the most useful use. This makes it possible for military forces to map landscape and to be prepared for those circumstances. It provides the military with information which means the difference between being successful, or perhaps at a loss, specially in urban options, which once posed a problem for armed forces forces taught to do struggle in wide open spaces.

Data on surfaces evaluation in land-based military operations is vital to armed forces field commanders. The commanders need to know ground conditions, elevations for controlling armored companies, tanks and for use of several weapons. Military operations need vegetation cover, road systems, and conversation lines, and must have a chance to pin point with accuracy and reliability ground structures, structures, and other man-made constructs that would show an advantage. A detailed land map with this sort of information is crucial for army operations.

Through military sales and marketing communications networks, the data is disseminated to various command word units, who have then evaluate it and make up to date decisions in troop location, points of admittance, points of departure, and choosing their makes with other discipline force places.

GIS, GPS and the Rules

Gregory F. Intoccia and Joe Wesley Moore (2006), writing for the Houston Journal of International Rules. The creators contend that the description with the satellite program that is used pertaining to GPS or perhaps GIS being a shared program, would loan itself to certain restrictions under international law. The United States entered into international contracts concerning space and geostationary satellites that would set at risk the military use of these systems. Referring returning to the GAO picture graph, the various nongovernmental and commercial entities that access the GIS satellite along with DoD and Defense, must be treated applied to accordance with international law.

Existing intercontinental treaty limitations on weapons in outer space are in fact very limited – prohibiting placement of guns of mass destruction into orbit, and requiring any use of the moon and other celestial bodies “exclusively pertaining to peaceful uses. ” (71) in light from the longstanding make use of – with virtually no worldwide objection – of satellites for military purposes by United States, the former Soviet Union, and numerous more states, international controversy has generally shifted to the question in the weaponization of outer space. (72) Although the Us has not foreclosed the idea of positioning weapons in space, it has not yet spent the political capital to do this. (73) Considering that satellite communications are essential to present and future armed service networks, the “weapon system” terminology can serve as the foundation for a bottom line that the Us has already entered the space weapons threshold, probably emboldening near-peer states to more strongly pursue their particular space system programs. “

So long as the GIS satellite is not really referred to as a “weapon program, ” declare Intoccia and More, then DoD is not in violation of an foreign treaty or perhaps agreement. if, however , an allegation is done as a result of the communications coming from the shared program that is being utilized by DoD in the war in Afghanistan or War, then there might be problems to get the continued usage of the distributed system.

The GIS technology is only today being discovered as to the ultimate capacity as a military technology. There exists still regular debate, while detailed inside the 2003 GAO report, regarding its uses and surrounding its shared satellite program. It is a technology that developments the understanding of military operations, and can not be lost to international problem. The army must make a change to secure the use of the program in a way that will not likely jeopardize possibly the use of the technology, or begin to see the United States being charged for breach of international laws.


GIS delivers military with unique features, and can suggest the difference among being at proper advantage or perhaps disadvantage. Ronald J. Sznaider cites the uses of GIS and weather the usage as:

Battlespace: Internal military weather info, converted into GIS formats, enables weather info to be specifically combined with the spots of different military possessions (i. electronic. troops) and ultimately even more seamlessly incorporated into battlefield command and control systems

Intelligence gathering: Prediction cloud cover and atmospheric moisture information, compared against data obtain targets, can offer more efficient and reliable arranging of remote control sensing from satellites

Terrorist Threat Analysis: Highly localized real-time wind flow observations, integrated into plume dispersion models, offer timely and accurate projections of air-borne concentrations of chemical gases that could risk troops

Inter-agency transfer: Inside military weather information, converted into a recognized “standard” GIS file format (i. e. ESRI Form file) supplies enhanced interoperability due to standardized data exchange with other non-weather data sets

The use of GIS in uncovering terrain and vegetation

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