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I am solely amazed by the astonishing personal revolution by which a simple inarticulate man converted himself into the Mahatma, who ushered the British Empire away of India without even shooting a shot. In the age of Empire and Military might he proved the powerless acquired power which force of arms would never prevail against force of spirit.

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Based on this, Mahatma Gandhi surely deserved an award, which chatted of his efforts, his fight for liberty and justice and all his other contributions to this community. This prize could be provided to a few other persons also who have been great reformers. It could be directed at one who is a reformer, who have fought for the privileges of the persons, one who provides fought against each of the injustice, malpractices of this world, for the oppressed persons. One who will not use his status, electric power and army to change the world nevertheless his own might and that force of spirit to make this place a better universe.

Person who displays the courage and conviction to stand for his beliefs. In other words, he/she could be called the guiding light for peace in this world. Gandhis concept of non-violent resistance separated one country and sped the end of colonial autorité around the world. His marches and fasts fired the thoughts of oppressed people everywhere.

Millions sought independence and rights under Mahatmas guiding mild. He proclaimed the power of like, peace and freedom. He fought intended for the rights of the Indians, for their independence from the Uk. His rules surely manufactured a difference in this world.

In spite of being remedied rudely and paying a variety of penalties, he was never deterred. Many people, organizations and awards have already acknowledged Gandhi for his efforts. Just lately he was rated the jogger up Person of the Century second just to the great scientist Albert Einstein who had himself said that the near future generations is going to scarcely think that such a person in skin and blood, had tread this globe. in reference to Mahatma Gandhi.

The British Broadcasting Company also the very best him while the Man of the Millennium. Gandhi is a great guy held in widespread esteem, a figure lifted from background to meaning icon. We would want to demonstrate my admiration and respect for him and also desire to express that his work have not removed in vain and today even the children who also are the long term generation of the world remember and respect his function. I would like to call this award living and Frontrunners award.

It would be given to a living or a dead person every year. I might first want to honor the so-called Father of the land by the Indians, Mahatma Gandhi, by this prize.


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