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The eye expense within the income affirmation for the year is $1, 560. This one is sort of tricky – you have to shell out interest on loans there is really no way around it. You may either pay up the loan with the money that is certainly in financial savings – this could save you quite a bit on fascination – or else you could try to look for another lender with a reduced interest rate in this. Because this is known as a charitable firm paying interest on a mortgage is really impractical – Basically were in charge of the budget this would be paid off with the money that is certainly in the bank account.

Red light 4 The total amount sheet demonstrates that the bank account has over $20, 1000 in this, and the account does not spend interest. The gift store does not have an interest bearing consideration. This is problems because the surprise shop is known as a non pertaining to profit firm so it genuinely needs to be just a little smarter using its finances – this checking account should really become an interest baring account.

This needs to be switched more than – it may not generate a fortune nonetheless it would definitely much better served whenever we were getting interest within this money that may be just seated here.

Red Flag 5 You see that in the floral cooler there are many flowers which are searching as if they are dying. Not only is this certainly not appealing to the customers that do enter into the gift idea shop yet this also means that whomever is doing the ordering pertaining to the present shop is ordering much more than they are providing – somebody needs to go throw and make sure that there is a small percentage back stock for the gift store – ordering more than the gift shop is selling can be an internal control that can be set. Red Flag six

There are five employees who have are paid out; one fulltime and the snooze are or perhaps. The fulltime employee buys the stock, which is to always be resold. The lady places purchase orders, gets the goods, and pays sellers. Her sis is also a part-time employee. I really do not see the require that many personnel running a surprise shop that is not making any profit. If cutting back several hours might help right up until we can get the gift store back to a profit or even just exactly where we are popping out even i then think that must be done.

We must also make sure that there may be just one person handling the books if we have to various employee’s performing the purchasing and such than mistakes can happen. Our fulltime employee needs to take on more responsibility inside the gift shop so the part-time employee’s can be cut back. Since there is going to be a lower in what has been ordered pertaining to the shop this should enhance her the perfect time to be helpful to customers and clean the gift idea shop.


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