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Both the book and the video titled “Girl, Interrupted” inform the story of the young girl who is reported mentally unwell in the late nineteen-sixties. The youthful girl, Susanna Kaysen, is usually diagnosed because borderline individuality and brought to a mental hospital shortly after her secondary school graduation. Although all of the additional girls via her graduation class proceeded to college, Susanna had simply no major ideas for her future but hoped to be a copy writer. The publication tells the actual story of her ordeal and the video is based on the book. Both the are very similar but have several small inconsistencies.

The initially major difference that I seen between the publication and the movie was the explanation of the doctor Valerie. Valerie was one of the head nursing staff in the mental hospital, one of the few workers inside the hospital reliable by the people. In the book Valerie is described as tall and skinny with fine and fair hair. In the film Valerie’s character was enjoyed by Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi is method height, of healthy visibility with dark skin. Both characters served very professionally and had consideration and understanding towards the people. While the two characters had similar people, their looks differed greatly.

The second major discrepancy involving the book as well as the movie occurs with the ending. In the film Susanna the fairly speedy recovery. Upon returning to a healthcare facility after seeing her friend Daisy hang herself Susanna increases a strong prefer to recover. Your woman starts finding Dr . Wick, slowly begins to recover, and finally she is produced from McLean Mental Medical center. In the book Susanna’s release comes rather suddenly as the result of a marriage pitch. Apparently a relationship proposal designed she was cured and free to go back into the universe. One need to wonder round the changing values and social best practice rules between the 60s and today.

The between the two endings displays how sociable norms have got changed since the time of the book to when the film was released. Back in the late sixties woman weren’t as impartial as they are today. When a woman like Susanna attempted to end up being independent your woman was considered to always be defective. They were not expected to become great writers or perhaps important persons, but rather females were supposed to become great wives and mothers. Susanna clashed together with the social rules when the girl refused to work as a dental technician or typist.

Since she rejected to adapt the ideal ladies job, the sole other method she could be let out was apparently by using a marriage proposal. Today it is more satisfactory for women to experience a strong career choice. Likewise if that they choose to remain single they may be certainly not regarded as mentally ill. The ending of film production company was changed to fit this culture. Presently it would seem silly for a woman to spend 2 years in a psychiatric hospital only to be discrete because of a basic marriage pitch. The two distinct endings describe two distinct cultures and their perceptions of normal.

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