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Each of the women in this story treats Griet differently, thus she responds differently to them. The lady does what she has to complete in order to endure in the Vermeer household, and in the process your woman learns a lot about living. In the book, Lady With a Pearl Earring, by simply Tracy Brave, Griet goes in into brand new relationships with different women, and each your woman learns some thing, and she grows like a person. Griet has a house enemy, Cornelia, a young, red headed child of the Vermeers.

On the very first day Griet arrives, Cornelia can be sassy to her and Griet responds simply by slapping her. Griet concerns the little lady, Cornelia, can you help me carry the water? In the event that not, return back up to the sisters If she got sulked or perhaps shouted, I might know I had fashioned mastered her. Instead your woman laughed. We reached as well as slapped her (Chevalier 22). Griet would like to show from the beginning that she actually is in control and the children is not going to walk throughout her even though she is a maid. From that point on Cornelia desires revenge against Griet.

The girl does anything in her power to frame Griet with doing many things, just like stealing. When Catharina finds her brush missing and Griet is usually accused, the girl knows right away where the comb is and sure enough the lady finds it in her shoe with her own comb gone. Therefore Griet comes forward to Johannes Vermeer and stands up intended for herself. The lady confronts him and says, Sir, I would like your support (147). Cornelias actions instruct Griet that she has to become assertive to obtain ahead is obviously, or else people 2 will take advantage of you. They also instruct patience to Griet.

Because Cornelia attempts to make Griet look bad, all Griet can carry out is show patience and do her best to collection things straight. Maria Thins and Griet have a neutral relationship. Maria Thins does not genuinely favor Griet, but the lady does help her out. Once Maria Thins finds out that Griet is helping Vermeer with the hues, she assists her to hold the secret, and makes excuses on her when others want to know in which Griet is definitely. She performs this because the lady knows that there will be a turmoil if the rest of the household discovers about Griets work, also because it helps Vermeer to paint faster.

Maria Thins appreciates Griet, You help him paint more quickly, girl, and youll keep the place in this article. Not a term to my own daughter or Tanneke, at this point (110). In spite of Maria Thins kindness in helping Griet to stay discreet, she still treats her like a maid. Your woman orders, I might have regarded, clever the one that you are. You practically fooled possibly me. Now, get that poor lady down there a footwarmer (110). Griet is grateful of Maria Thins agreement to assist her stay secret although helping Vermeer because that is certainly one much less stress this lady has to deal with when being a house maid in the Vermeer house.

Griet learns being thankful for the slightest good things that eventually her since she feels therefore alone and miserable although working like a maid. How Maria Thins sometimes foretells her doesnt even take the time her want it does in the event that someone else says it because she is grateful. Catharinas romantic relationship with Griet is not a good one. Catharina treats Griet as if the girl with better than her, and as in the event Griet would not deserve value. She accuses Griet of stealing her pearl earrings before also checking to see if they are absent.

She requests Griet hastily, Did you steal the important thing to my jewelry container and have my earring? (213). Catharina 3 is usually jealous of Griet because she is allowed into the facilities, and the lady finds out that her husband paints Griet, the cleaning service, and not her. You and your children are not part of this world, Vermeer said, You’re not meant to be. And she is? (214). After this incident when Catharina makes Griet feel thus inferior although all the girl does was what she’s told, Griet leaves. I actually turned and walked from your room after i reached the road I did not appear back- (215).

Griet learns that few things are worth burning off her self-pride. She learns from employed in that home that her self-pride may be the one precious thing the girl can keep, and she will not really let any person take it away from her. In this new, Girl Using a Pearl Earring, Griet grows up a lot after she is examined with so many different relationships. She finds features inside of her that the lady doesnt possibly know she gets. She discovers who the girl really is and what the lady wants on her life. She could not permit people deal with her.

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