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Excerpt from Term Daily news:

It is also interesting to comment on the article’s evaluation in the potential upcoming trends for the companies in developing countries. The article assess a closer integration of these companies in the global market. This is something that is definitely potentially inevitable. Indeed, these firms are already playing a more important role on a local level by investing in neighbor economies. Recently, a Kazakh organization purchased a Romanian gasoline processing company, which, in turn, had businesses in the entire Balkan Peninsula. Mol, coming from Hungary, was another corporation that got bid on the deal. This is almost all possible not because of the economical assets the particular companies have at a particular point, nevertheless because they are in a position to access capital on the foreign markets to be able to grow their businesses.

Yet , the future is usually likely to lead to a more logical approach to risk and risk management. At this point, firms in developing countries continue to be not completely using risk management instruments to hedge their risks. Using risks, ranging from credit to advertise and operational risk, possibly affecting the companies’ businesses, risk management tools become a requirement.

Finally, the future access of the companies in developing countries to intercontinental markets is additionally likely to go hand in hand with the macroeconomic reconstructs in their countries of beginning. In my opinion, it can be interesting to point out that, in several ways, the internal corporate finance reforms that these companies had to make, have also produced and produced change at the macroeconomic level. Indeed, financial requirements that corporations needed to adapt to shown in the macroeconomic reforms and structural reforms that these countries had to generate.


Companies in the developing countries possess started to become essential participants inside the global brake lines. While initially this may possess included global trade and outsourcing solutions, more and more these companies gain access to intercontinental financial market segments, are able to enhance their capital, develop their organization and, in turn, invest international.

Globalization’s effect in corporate and business finance in developing countries has thus been tremendous, guiding the corporations into the adoptions of new financial and accounting criteria, in the maximize of their visibility and corporate governance standards, whilst in the adopting risikomanagement instruments in order to hedge all their commitments on the financial markets. Further more, they can be decreasing all their financial influence so as to decrease their personal debt to equity ratios and develop a even more prudent approach. The future engagement of organizations in producing countries on international financial markets will most likely increase in craze, as well as in procedure.


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