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Globalization is now one of the most extensively discussed concerns and principles in the business universe during the last many years. Globalization impacts economy, societal life, and business environment in a number of methods (Bella, 2010). The improved level of competition, information transfer, outsourcing, and technological developments are the main impacts of globalization for the business community (Boudreaux, 2008). Moreover, the effect of globalization on organizational culture and operations can not be ignored – perhaps the two of these areas would be the major concern for business market leaders when they need to watch over their particular competition with the international brands operating in their home country (Korine Gomez, 2002).

Five Critical Factors which in turn impact Company Culture and Operations

There are many factors which will impact the organization operations, revenue, financial functionality, and industrial relations of business organizations in the international landscape. However , most of these factors can be regarded as one of the most critical in terms of assessing the degree of competition between local and international firms. These five critical elements are now talked about below in more detail:

1 . Outsourced workers

In this modern world, business world observes a very hard competition between local and international brands in each and every aspect of their business operations. Organizations believe it is impossible to compete just on the basis of their particular high quality products. The most important factor that makes an organization competitive or non-competitive may be the costs of running their business procedures. Therefore , businesses are always within a quest to get innovative methods and processes to reduce costs and increase their income (Parker, 2005). Outsourcing has become famous with all the emergence of globalization in the commercial world. Just offshore outsourcing is among the most well-known and effective techniques of cost lowering of the present times (Robinson Kalakota, 2005). It is a happening by which an organization allocates some of its business processes and operations to some other firm in the just offshore markets. The main purpose at the rear of offshore outsourcing is to control the business costs and hand over every type of responsibility linked to the allocated business functions to the organization in the overseas market (Miller, 2004).

Control of Operational Costs:

Outsourcing gives various rewards to agencies in one kind or another. The greatest benefit which is realized coming from offshore freelancing is the control of business costs (Hira Hira, 2008). Such as; if the labor is cheaper in the offshore markets as compared to the area market, a majority of organizations tend to switch their very own business businesses in to those markets to be able to reduce their very own wages and administrative costs (Robinson Kalakota, 2005). Taking United States as one example, labor costs are very loaded with the home markets. Labor oriented manufacturing and companies organizations are therefore shifting major regions of their procedures into other countries where these costs are lower, like; South america, Vietnam, Cina, India, etc . This worldwide shift of business operations or offshore outsourcing makes these companies able to manage their organization costs in a better method (Miller, 2004).

Competition between Local and International Brands:

Another reason why offshore outsourcing is a recommended choice in terms of competition between local and international brands is the lack of specific organization experts in the local markets and their availability inside the offshore markets (Robinson Kalakota, 2005). Secondly, there is a fiscal crunch inside the world’s monetary market the past few years. Especially, this monetary crunch has badly influenced the United States market causing thousands of job losses and personal bankruptcy of various big organizations (Miller, 2004). In this situation, overseas outsourcing is known as a better decision to move the business operations to other countries where this economic slowdown is less than severe.

Concentrate on Core Detailed Areas:

Overseas outsourcing is a very useful way of those companies that just want to focus on their very own core business activities and take the companies of just offshore vendors to manage their supplementary businesses (Robinson Kalakota, 2005). In the United States, numerous organizations include started outsourced workers their business units to other markets in order to take the benefit of cost saving due to low labor costs, low level of competition, etc . (Miller, 2004). In this way, outsourcing brings benefits to equally – our economy as well as the participants, we. e. persons and organization entities. Intended for the economy, outsourcing techniques strengthens the area companies regarding their intercontinental presence and an increased business and revenue volume. Concurrently, individuals enjoy high quality and reliable product or service which are the results of freelancing efforts by their local businesses (Hira Hira, 2008).

Marketing and Promotional Attempts:

Moreover, outsourced workers boosts up the marketing and marketing efforts of business organizations. The outsourced business processes not merely create company awareness inside the international market segments, but likewise do promoting research for the people particular products in the new markets. Outsourced workers has also empowered the United States businesses to receive benefit from time zones differences in different regions.


For the last couple of years, it has been a blazing argument that just offshore outsourcing causes an increase in the degree of unemployment in the United States market (Hira Hira, 2008). But the fact is that it generates more jobs at the intercontinental level. Overseas outsourcing reduces business costs which convince the companies to expand their very own existing business functions in the local marketplaces. In other words, U. S. businesses can save their particular business costs through offshore outsourcing and invest the saved profit the new application and services improvement processes (Hira Hira, 2008).

installment payments on your Market Performance

Due to globalization, the markets have become more efficient and responsive to exterior environmental elements. There is a real equilibrium between your supply and demand factors, i. at the. companies can now find consumers for their products in equally local and international marketplaces. In contrast to the past when businesses were limited to their geographical limitations within the home country, Globalization made it easy for them to assess out shore markets to sell and advertise their products in a very inexpensive and effective fashion (Boudreaux, 2008).

Globalization has made the financial markets more efficient simply by reducing time, financial, and informational constraints which companies generally accustomed to face ahead of their intercontinental reach. For example , companies may take the advantage of time-zone differentials and promote their products 24 hours day through internet marketing mediums. Similarly, outsourcing techniques has allowed them to take advantage labor, technology, and developing capabilities coming from foreign market segments which are more costly in their regional markets (Parker, 2005).

Better Operations Management:

In the past, companies were not able to achieve a good balance between your demand and capacity choice of their products and services because of the limited volume of customers and inefficient markets. Globalization features positively motivated this pattern by opening new horizons of global grab the companies. At this point they can not just promote their products on the international level, but also can build their particular brand identity in the intercontinental markets which is often the potential focus on markets because of their future organization expansion. Due to this more efficient procedures management, businesses are better able to contend with international brands operating in their home country.

a few. Marketing and Promo

Due to the positive effect, business organizations have got successfully come to farther globe markets which were inaccessible during the past. Now, they could market and promote their particular brands in all the corners of the world through the use of advanced promoting mediums. The conventional marketing means like tv, radio, papers are now accompanied by modern conversation mediums like social media social networking sites, internet global search engines like google, smart phone connection through geostationary satellites, etc . All of these mediums have enabled firms to target potential clients from across the world (Cadle, Paul, Yeates, 2010).

These promoting mediums not merely promote the companies’ items in the intercontinental markets, but also present their the case image to the most important stakeholders from different perspectives. For instance , companies are today more encountered with global watch for their cultural and economical contributions. Whenever they promote their products to international customers, they are also required to display who they actually are. It really is done by displaying their business social responsibility efforts like contributions to social well being, educational improvement, recruitment of culturally diverse workforce, faith to the the same employment option and environmental protection laws, etc . On a single side, globalization has made the marketing and advertising efforts better; and at the same time, brought a number of issues in the form of it is social welfare contributions (Weinstein, 2005).

5. Economic Makes

When an organization expands it is operations in an international marketplace, it has to perform a full-on analysis of its exterior environment, my spouse and i. e. The forces that may impact it is business functions, culture, or public image in a great or bad way (Cadle, Paul, Yeates, 2010). As a result of globalization, it has become quite less difficult for organizations to assess these kinds of environmental pushes in circumstance of their own organization operations. However , once an organization enters in an international market, it has to confront these pushes and associated threats and challenges inside the normal

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