Going Back to the Villages to Make a Developed India Essay

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India is a nation of villages.

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Nearly five lakh towns exist in In a. Whilst only about twenty-eight per cent in the population hails from the urban centers, 72 % of the populace lives in the villages. The villages as a result occupy a place of great importance in the country. These are the base of India’s advancement in every sphere of lifestyle. There were many problems in the villages prior to Independence. There was no educational institutions, hospitals, banking institutions, etc ., intended for the features of the villagers.

There were no proper roads, electricity and tube wells. As a matter of fact their very own life was a hell. Since the dawn of Independence, situations in the Indian villages happen to be changing very quickly.

The Government offers opened evening schools pertaining to the adults and primary universities for young boys and girls. High colleges and Inter colleges will be established each and every twenty kilometer of range. The result is that they are now informed, illiteracy and ignorance are thus quickly disappearing.. Right up until recently, the majority of the farmers had been using the aged methods of plouhing their’ areas, or sowing seeds and harvesting.

Nevertheless , the farmers are now applying new tactics. They plough their domains with vehicles, and irrigate their areas with normal water from tube-wells. With the annulation of zamindari, the person who ploughs the fields is currently the real owner of the property.

A great change has taken place in the political and social life of the villagers too. Ahead of Independence, that were there no claim in the affairs of the town. Now Gram Sabha, Gram Panchayat a great, Panchayati Adalat are there. Because of the functioning of those bodies, the villagers have recently begun to comprehend their legal rights and tasks.

There are changes in others fields also: Tracks are created by the villagers. Now every single village is definitely linked by roads to other parts of the country. Clinics and federal government dispensaries had been established to remove the illness and diseases which will become a bane on community.

In short, the fact is that the progress villages is a transitional stage. Villages are the biggest support pertaining to India, from the past to future. These are the one, which the world acknowledges India.

These are the one that would not depend on some other cities, but the entire India is dependent on the villages. That they contribute to each of our modern India in every domains starting from cultivation, economy, prettiness of our region. Hence, We conclude that villages are definitely the biggest durability to our India.

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