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According to Shakespere, “All the planet’s a stage, And all the men and women only players”. A lot of people, in their daily lives, carry out more intentional acting, or perhaps decieveing, than others. The terms “Friday Muslim” or perhaps “Sunday Christian” have been gave to describe individuals that appear to be sincere to their religious beliefs when they enroll in their regular religious gathering, but in any other case do not screen any meaningful connections to it. They put even more importance in appearing like a good and richous person rather than truly thinkning, speaking, and performing according to the spiritual documents they will claim to comply with.

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Living this sort of your life proved to be perilous for the Grandmother in Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Person Is Hard to Find. The Grandmother’s religious hypocracy caused her to corrupt the thoughts of her grandchildren, manipulate occasions onto a negative path, and ultimately cause the fatality of her and her family. Research done by the National Kid Study show that children’s views will be larely shaped by “caregiver/child interactions throught childhood”(“Measuring”).

John Wesley and Summer Star’s father and mother seem to be extremely passive and quiet with thier views.

In comparison, the Grandmother can be outspoken, opinionated, and reveals herself as a religiously knowledgable, and generally there for trusted, person. The children seem to possess picked up on her behalf racist sights as their normally argumentitive resopnses are lack of when the girl makes condesending comments about an ovbiously poor “Negro child browsing the door of your shack”(O’connor) they pass on their trip. The impression of the grandmother’s opinions into the kids is also aparent when, rather than being shocked at her racist story about a suitor bringing her watermelon, “this story tickled John Wesley’s funny bone and this individual giggled and giggled”(O’connor).

Also, June Star shows indications of the same materialistic shelfishness with the Grandmother the moment she says that she “wouldn’t get married to a man that just brought her a watermelon about Saturday”(O’connor). The grandmother replies that she wishes she’d have hitched him because he “had passed away only a few years ago, a very prosperous man” (O’connor), as if riches is the most important factor in deciding whom to marry. Nearly everytime the chirdren speak their very own comments reak of the condescending, corrupt affect of their granny.

Had the Grandmother put more focus on actually rehearsing Christian principles than just showing up to be a godly person she would not have experienced the comfortable attitutte toward lying which led her to her loss of life. Fearing her cat, Pitty Sing, “might brush against one of her gas burners and unintentionally asphyxiate himself”(O’connor), she sneaks the kitten into the car. She sees that her boy Bailey provides good reason because of not wanting the cat to accompany these people on the trip and probably would not allow that, but that is not stop her. The Grandma later tells a story to the children in regards to a plantation the lady used to go to when the girl was more youthful.

She is convinced he home to be a tiny way down a dirt road they transferred the road. She starts to have a burning, practically childish, prefer to revisit this kind of landmark and so lies towards the children. Understanding it will change the children into helping her persuade their particular parents to see the house, the lady tells them “there was a secret: -panel in this house”(O’connor) which “all the family silver was hidden in”(O’connor). As expected, the youngsters begin crying untill all their father, Cromwell, agrees to make a “one in support of time”(O’connor) exclusion to the trip itenerary and visit the plantation.

The Grandmother’s deception leads to Bailey endangering the car. The cat turns into statled advances onto his neck, leading to him to jerk the wheel in firght and lead the vehicle into a throw away. Due to the Grandmother’s lack of probe, the is left weak and harmed on the side of the near abandoned road. While exzibited in devout priests, nuns, and missionaries, selflessness is highly respected in Christianity. The Granny would like for folks to think of her as a non selfish christian function model, nevertheless her activities prove her to be quite the opposite.

Before the friends and family sets out on the trip the girl attempts to manupulate these people into going to Tennessee instead of Florida. The girl actually really wants to go visit some older friends in her ex – home condition, but your woman attempts to scare the family in changing their destionation. Experienced she not been thus selfish, she’d not have so clearly mentioned and recalled that “The Misfit can be aloose through the Federal Pencil and headed toward Florida”(O’connor), and consequently would not have clearly recognized him if he stops to assist the family members later inside the story.

The Misfit made a decision to get rid of the family in order to cover his tracks only after the grandmother verbalized that your woman identified him. Her selfish attitude stored her via realizing that it had been likely not really in her families best interest to blurt out this realizatioin. It plainly shows that also in the most dire of situatioins no one else’s well-being was also close to the forfront of her toughts. The Gandmother’s pattern of selfishness is not cohearent with her believed Christian ties, and unknowingly led her and her family to get massacred.

The politition whom claims everybody should be “green” in order to save the planet but continue to be travel in a private jet, The spiritual leader who preaches meantal purity and is also found to have a drug habit, or even the parent who tells their child “do as I state, not as We do”; hypocracy in all varieties has it is victims. O’Connor was regarded as a devout Roman Cathloic and likely resented people who, just like the Grandmother from this story, had been good at posing as religious although had simply no actual determination. Unfortuantly intended for the Granny her first selfless action came to late.

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