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The film ‘The Others’ made by Alejandro Amenabar in 2011 is a film about a woman who lives with her two photosensitive children inside their large, aged home which will she believes is haunted by spirits. This film uses a a lot of different techniques and ideas to stress and bring about its medieval themes. These types of techniques consist of dark and light imagery, symbolism and establishing. The Others as well uses classic gothic ideas to develop these themes throughout the movie, which includes suffering, hinsicht of death and great elements.

Overall these concepts and methods contribute to the eerie feel and incertidumbre which makes this kind of movie and so captivating and gothic.

The first technique used in ‘The Others’ is definitely dark and lightweight imagery, through the entire entire film there is a battle between truth and how it can be perceived and Amenabar uses this mild and darkness as a sign of this. An obvious example may be the curtains which in turn as used to block out all light and ‘protect’ your children.

That they create a haunting darkness through the entire entire house for the most part with the movie, this can be contrasted by candles the mother moves around with showing how she is the main element to the fact. At the end with the movie if the children discover the truth- that all their mother slain them and they are ghosts the curtains happen to be removed enabling light or perhaps the truth to flood in to the house. The application of dark and lightweight imagery allows enhance the medieval themes by simply creating the mood and placing of the film.

Another technique used to create a medieval feeling in the film can be symbolism. Symbolism is used to make subtle tips to what the ‘truth’ is usually and to make you feel like things usually are what they appear. Some examples are definitely the clothing employed in ‘The Others’ where Sophistication (the primary character) dressed in dark, lengthy dresses which usually covered in the majority of her body. These types of outfit selections were not only used to collection the time period of the movie but it was as well used a symbol. Her clothing was emblematic of the darker, repressive nature of her society and her inside suffering shown in the dark whites of her dresses. Another example is definitely the constant seeking of doors which can be resemblant of entrapment in the mind and physically. This kind of symbol is also used to show the invisible secret that the family retains throughout the film and the doorsare only revealed when the key is released.

The environment was used in the film ‘The Others’ while the key going stone in order to the movie possess a gothic feeling to it. The key characters live in a large house with many distinct secret areas and bedrooms which are manufactured more deceptive by the night that the drapes create. These rooms prefer foreshadow to get the invisible secrets which are contained in their house. The house is surrounded by a large forest which will cuts all of them off from the remaining of civilisation, this is used in gothic testimonies to create a a sense of isolation and also to physically represent the psychological separation that this family provides from the world. Beyond the forest can be covered in fog which in turn emphasises the isolation and secrecy that has been a key thought which was frequently brought up inside the film.

A common gothic idea which was used in the film ‘The Others’ was the thought of suffering equally physically and psychologically and how they are associated together. Enduring is very frequently used in gothic stories since it shows the inner darkness from the mind as well as the evilness of humans. Shown in the film through Grace (the key character) who may have been waiting since the battle finished on her behalf husband to come home. Following years the stress of raising two children on her behalf own and potentially shedding her spouse weighs on her behalf and causes a psychological suffering which the lady can’t demonstrate in front of her children or perhaps staff. At some point Grace is unable to live with the pressure of her psychological suffering and she button snaps which reveals the link between psychological and physical struggling and the girl kills her children after which herself since she cannot bare coping with the thought of what she experienced done. This kind of traditional gothic idea utilized in the video to show that many day individuals are capable of evil and dark points when moved.

A continuing theme through the entire film is a fixation with loss of life. This is a thought used in gothic texts for its darkness and mystery while no one actually knows about what goes on when one dies nevertheless we know it’s the ultimate repayment in life. Many gothic copy writers are fascinated with it and have a preoccupation with that in stories as it produces a feeling of eeriness and demonstrates something is wrong. This is also linked in withsupernatural elements which usually work as a symbol for loss of life. In ‘The Others’ great themes and a preoccupation with loss of life are used through the entire entire film from the ongoing death of the husband in the war, the book of the dead, the cemetery which surrounds the home and the regular idea of ghosts. All of these cases were used by the director to create puzzle and to little by little build up and lead to in the end of the film.

Over all the film ‘The Others’ utilized a large range of techniques and gothic conferences in order to astound the audience and contribute to a scary and unsettling truly feel over the course of film production company. These methods are dark and light symbolism which emphasises the notion of real truth, Symbolism which usually uncovers the secret themes and ideas from the film and setting which has been used to make the idea of seclusion. This movie also uses many gothic ideas to be able to communicate the gothic styles, these tips include psychological and physical suffering, preoccupation with fatality and unnatural elements. All these conventions had been used successfully in order to produce the movie’s gothic sense.


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