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As I started to create my personal ideal world, I noticed that

what I needed was a mixture of three several

governments/cultures. I wanted (and still do) a

government really of and then for the people. My spouse and i also wished

a authorities that was minimalist, the one that made sure

there was some kind of purchase and peacefulness, but the one which

was very well, personal, although it is not interfering excessive

with the legal rights of their citizens. Additionally , I

wanted a government that would enable private sector

small businesses, and limited businesses. This

government would regulate the economy by being in

demand of major industries and the minimum salary. This

govt would even the playing field for everyone

who have wanted to play on it. Education would be

good, but influenced by the desires of the individual.

Basically, I desired a govt that did not fit well

into any of Stewarts categories. Please forgive me

if perhaps this composition sounds obscure at times, because without

having the capacity to mimic typical governments, my own nation is

difficult to explain in the way Stewart describes

what has been just before. My land is not Democratic

Socialist, nor Revolutionary Liberal, nor Anarchist (though

I would have got loved to created a great Anarchist traditions, I

was afraid to, after all, My spouse and i am a child of the Regan

years) I suppose youll only have to read along and

discern what sort of government this is certainly by can certainly make money

describe it.

In my prior My Method essay, I described a global in

which a person was looked after by the govt and

themselves throughout their very own lives. Due to

effective birth control methods integrated in the

yr 2000, the population of the United States

decreased slowly, permitting more in order to take

place because there had been basically

fewer visitors to complicate the change in governmental

structure. From birth till death

a citizen was covered by the national medical care

system. This national program included every hospitals

and doctors below in 2050, a medical umbrella for

the entire region.

Because life continued for a citizen of America in 2050

he or she could enter into their local institution system

based upon Montessori-style education. Within 12-14

years, they would graduate with all the experience of a

semester abroad and a great Associates level. The school

system isnt centered so much after technological improvements

as it is simply by fundamental changes in the way the college

system educates children. A graduate, if they choose

to, can go on to college, with financial support from

the us government. This economical support is located upon

will need and merit.

Once citizen graduates, they might go into the public

or exclusive center for any career. The private center is

much like it is definitely today, within a Radical Open-handed nation

like our own. Away from small business and

corporations, key industry is definitely controlled by the


Every time a citizen passes the age of 60, they received

Social Protection, but in 2050, Social Security is

truly enough to have on. Below Social Reliability

benefits consist of senior centers, nursing homes, as

well as several other programs that helped make golden

years enjoyable, if certainly not bearable.

To create the type of world Id like to reside in

everyone would need to accept the following cultural


1 . Its not getting presently there that matters, its being

generally there. People in 2050 are more inclined to improve

their situation on their own and others, no matter

of what

they must go through to obtain what is

great for them. This is certainly different

from the don’t rock the sevyloyr fish hunter 360 mentality of 1998

wherever it is better to travel though not any pain today, and more

pain latter.

installment payments on your We are the federal government, we are all of them, we are

that they. With this kind of paradigm in place, citizens think

that they are an energetic voice in their government

unlike 1998, exactly where many persons feel like they have no

words in govt.

3. Whether it wont be good for our grandchildrens

long term, it is not great for us. From this paradigm

residents would not whatever it takes that would not benefit

long term generations. This would create great amounts

of forethought and planning the country, resulting in a

better future and present situation. In todays

society, people are more likely to carry out what is

convenient than what is smartest over time.

four. Education and experience is key to do it yourself

actualization. Through this paradigm, and the

education system that has been implemented in 2050

produces citizens with actualized all their potential

and are also living satisfying lives.

your five. Everyone is equivalent. We are brothers and sisters

(in Christ). Whether this can be taken religiously or

certainly not is not so as important, what is significant is that

everyone treats the other person as equates to. This means that

they will arent jealous or competitive with one another.

People only will strive to attain their best.

6th. Children are the greatest gifts and

responsibilities to our nation. Together with the birth

control programs that had been implemented, children have

be than a duty to the nation. This

changes the way in which the nation deals with

childrens issues, via just in the basics of

education, healthcare, and social services, the

nation aims to help every generation of children

achieve the most that they can.

several. the nation aims to help each generation of

children achieve the most that they may.

The governmental system of my world of 2050 is similar

to this of America, 1998, good results . a few alterations. The

basic system is Revolutionary Liberal but it really lacks a party

system. American government of 2050 still has checks

and balances, along with univeral avis. Though the

structure of the three branches remains to be basically the

same, the single member districts altered slightly

as a result of lack of a celebration system. The single

member schisme cover much larger areas to lower the

quantity of individuals in primaries. To define as a

candidate, a citizen need to petition the public, and

receive at least 5, 500 signatures.

America of 2050 has a blended economy, portion capitalist

component socialist. There is free business within a

to some degree managed economy. I liked Bellamys notion of a

nation who items what its people need, and so i

decided to make a system by which businesses may be

created by simply citizens, but one in which the government

is in control of the industries. These types of

industries will be that of strength, trasportational

solutions, water, phone access, and farming. Every

of these departments would be build to provide the

most efficient, cost-effective, widespread services and

quality goods. All these industries could fall

under the national umbrella, as demonstrated in Bellamys

Looking Backward.

My season 2050 is incredibly similar to those of today, yet

with fewer people, and fewer waste created by the

nationalization of the above industries, and different

paradigms, my year 2050 creates a more pleasant nation

to live in. With a national health care system in

which in turn every cost is covered by the nation, each

citizen lives a proper life, one out of which they are

physically in a position to achieve his / her goals. As a

citizen in 2050, an individual has the right to a great

excellent education, made possible for everyone

because of the smaller amounts of college students in schools.

The paradigms of 2050 create a community in which

people see each other as equals and this makes more

enlightening interaction between individuals. The

structure of nationalized companies produces items

that are economical and useful. The new framework

of government enables regular people to communicate

with and result government devoid of selling to be able to a

politics party.

Perhaps my personal system isnt perfect, nonetheless it is the best

possible idea I am able to conceive of right now. I just

wanted to build a system that will in turn, create a

community of individuals who really cared regarding each

additional. In all the systems I looked at, I came across

good and bad factors, so I required as many in the good

factors from all of them to create the best system I

could. Therefore , this is my personal system, one out of which healthy

educated persons live together in a community

supported by a process of checks and balances, which

keep a just and stable government

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