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Paul Padykula

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December 13, 2000


In order to totally understand the theology of sophistication

you have to take a look at Augustine, Aquinas, Luther

Rahner, Segundo, and Boff, and exactly how they comprehended what

sophistication was. Their particular theories about grace have some valid points

and yet they also have some incorrect points.

Augustine took an individual approach to style and this individual

believed in the massa damnata, which essentially means that in

the whole individuals are damned. He said prior to the original

sin, you had a choice to be very good or nasty. Also, Augustine

said that we have a double predestination, which means simply

some people are chosen prior to they are delivered if they are

likely to go to bliss. I never agree with this kind of because it

is actually saying that there is absolutely no salvation for any


Aquinas thought that elegance was included with nature and it

improves nature. He wrote the Summa, which demonstrates the

beatific perspective. The beatific vision is usually when the brain is

specific to Our god. Aquinas theology is dualistic which

displays natural and supernatural as separate entities. My spouse and i

dont have confidence in his beatific vision mainly because I believe that

God allows us to make our personal choices away of free is going to so

our mind cannot be unified with Him. Unless I i am wrong

this can be saying God knows what will happen ahead of it

occurs. If this is the case why do we include suffering

mainly because God gave us free will.

Luther viewed sophistication through his own view of him self as

a sinner. Having been so obsessed that this individual confessed his sins

seven times every day. He said that grace is known as a favor of God and

it mends a persons sinfulness. He stated that Jesus phrase

was a car of style and that sophistication cannot be merited. I

believe his views on grace are certainly not very great only because he

views Goodness as an active member and humans as being a passive one particular.

In order to be truly graced I believe that both parties will need

to be lively and engaged.

Rahner thinks that grace is usually intrinsic to nature and

he as well believes in Confidential Christianity. This theory is usually

that every person on this Earth is a Christian even if you

do not know it. We dont accept this theory because

once again God gives everyone free of charge will and this allows

individuals to believe the way they want to.

Boff says sophistication is a romance with the trinity. I

agree with this as it consists of demonstrating love and

devotion to any or all three individuals of our one God. He also said

that liberation is the key to grace. We some what agree with

this because it is displaying God you happen to be showing your

total like for Him, but you must show take pleasure in towards

others because caring your neighbors is additionally important.

De acordo com was a Jesuit priest from Uruguay. Having been a

liberationist who declared that the meaning of grace was to love

and also you would be free of charge and to be free was to love. I really like

the idea lurking behind this concept since it suggests that if you

devote yourself to God he will take care of you and allow

one to have the freedoms. That is not always happen yet

it is a good theory.

I think to be truly graced you have to like

everyone and expect absolutely nothing in return. The reason why I say

this is due to you should know that God will take care of

you no matter what. If your neighbors are excellent people they will

will show you love and respect so you need not worry about

this. I as well feel that it is advisable to show love towards the

trinity and be devoted to your faith no matter what it is.

Should you these things I believe that you will be graced.

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