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1 . What are the primary reasons for the mass migration to California?

I think the fact that chief reasons for the mass migration to California exactly where based on a few different causes. The first reason was because everyone was poor. They will didnt are able to afford to have the most basic necessities in life. They would even go to such lengths concerning steal a neighbors property. No body system was happy living in Ok. They all acquired such hard lives that no one got time to do what they wished to do. It absolutely was farm via sun up to sun down. That is what everyone did, and they didnt even obtain that much settlement for all the devotion that they placed into their work day, after day, after day. If I worked at some thing for 12 hours each day, and just built hardly enough money to keep living, I would personally get quite frustrated and not be very happy at all.

One more that people moved to California was so that they could begin a better place. Living in Ok, really isnt all that best for the Joads. They couldnt be happy at what they had. That they where a incredibly proud as well as wanted to escape and show everyone that they could do some good at this world for themselves.

2 . Who are definitely the members of the Joad friends and family unit that set out pertaining to California? Quickly state how it changes each of them.

Mum, Pa, Ruth, Winfield, Uncle John, and Rose of Sharron all where inside the barn. Rose of Sharron was breast feeding a old fart, after her baby passed away. I think your woman was doing it for personal pleasures. I never think that your woman was honest about the feeling to extend the mans life. The girl was constantly selfish, and I still think she just visited the end. I actually dont pin the consequence on Connie to get leaving her. Al playing his fiancee named Aggie, to start a fresh life with her. Mary left for being another Jim Casey. He knew the actual power of organizations could perform, the outlined to Sean, and knew that this individual could make a positive change. Grandpa died, of organic causes, and they buried him in a field, tore a page out of the Holy book and composed how he wasnt killed, and he died of natural triggers. They then required the ripped out Bible page and set it in a bottle. Granny died along the way through a examine point. Went up had to hold on to her, and say the lady was really unwell to a police officer. The police officer fell because of it, even though granny had been useless for a few hours. Noah kept early in the book, the declared he was heading fishing and walked straight down a lake. Flash, the family pet, got killed by a new car. The man at the gas stop said he’d bury that, I believe that he performed. The car that hit your dog, slowed down, regretted her decision, and sped off. Connie left, likely because he was sick of Went up. Uncle Ruben almost died while producing the atteinte, but having been helped by Grandpa. He made it towards the barn. John Casey received his head smashed in for trying to support his personal people. Increasing a union against the peach pickers, which where making high money, and which makes it impossible to have. Jim perished for what he believed in, and Tom knew it, this individual followed in Jims actions.

3. About what ways where migrant workers exploited? How can Jim Casey fight against the exploitation of the migrant personnel? How good is he?

The advertisings would say 800 persons needed to decide on peaches, good wages. Nevertheless actually right now there where just 100 jobs available. They would get a wide range of people to arrive to Cal, then the competition for the roles would be large. People need to eat, so the high wages come into effect. Jim Casey battles against the fermage of the migrant workers because they build a small union. It does function, because the up coming load of people that come through, which was the Joad as well as many others, most got much more money to perform things, because the

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