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Greece nation is in southeast Europe location. It declared that its independence in the year 1821. It was part of NATO(North ocean Treaty Organization) in 1952 and it absolutely was member of European Union in 1981. Its human population is around 14 millions. Greece has a lots of relations using its neighbour Turkey since background. Also, there may be insecurity scenario in between those two countries. Background created this kind of insecurity circumstance. So , relating to Greece, Turkey is the best threat in region.

In this composition, I will speak about threat areas of greece in foreign security. Whenever we look to understanding international secureness of greece, we can see risk detections in five several sectors. Firstly, Greece is usually ”unit” actor in levels of security. Now we can seem threat detections of portugal in army sector of international protection understanding.

As we know armed forces issues happen to be big problem between Turkey and Greece. Specifically, Turkey and Greece find big menace each other to get military sector in the region. Furthermore to ”security dillemma” strategy comes with it. In accordance to this idea, if one particular country maximize its power of army, volume of soldiers, the other region increase same things up against the other region. So , if perhaps Turkey generate a strong the army, maximize its range of soldiers, purchase technological guns from other countries, we have a military danger detection pertaining to Greece. Poultry applies to this case in the same way. For instance , Turkey fixed agreement to get F-35 new generation of fighter aeroplanes with U. S, England, Italy, The netherlands, Canada, Australia, Norway and Denmark in 2007. Turkish armed forces uses F-35 mma fighter aircraft after 2014. Therefore, these aircrafts will be the most significant weapons approach to Turkey till 2050. Greece does not join this job. So , greece will discover threat this development of Poultry in next years.

Now, we are able to look reasoning of dangers of Portugal in armed forces sector. (military capabilities, Geography, history, politics). Greece has powerful army in its area. Greece hasn’t strategical interesting depth. If we look historical backdrop, especially this lived hostile relations with Turkey. As well, in Craig Buzan protection book, we can see this phrase with interested it, ”Poland has very long historical accusations of Philippines and Spain, Korea and China of Japan, Vietnam of China and tiawan, Greece and Armenia of Turkey, and Iraq and Iran of each and every other. ” So , this detects that turkey is definitely threat with based on their historical background. Greece retreats into capitalism ideology in politics. It stocks and shares common global values with Turkey. As we see they can be member of CONNATURAL and they share common principles. But these points dont alter perception of threat of Greece and Turkey will be threat phenomenon for Greece.

If we look financial security politics of greece, we see that free open-handed economic composition is there. Specifically free operate and travel and leisure are very very important to greece economic climate. ”Limited intervention” shapes overall economy of express from tolerante approaches. Accordingly, state may intervene to economy if there is crisis and if economy ought to reform and arrangement. This kind of intervention has to be until end the crisis. If state intervene economic climate when there isn’t crisis, this kind of intervention changes to threat against its economic security for the present and future. Known as, global economic crisis afflicted a lot of nations over the world poorly and negative conditions had been dominant more than them. This crisis influenced greece economy too. Therefore , this global disaster can be threat against economy of Greece.

Understanding of the social secureness, society stocks same values with state. So , prevalent conscious is important in sociable security. In here, contemporary society means that people who comes together about common mindful. As we know several minority teams are in Greece region. These are, macedonian, albanian, turks etc . These kinds of communities discuss values of their among them. In addition , big inhabitants minorities pass on cultures of those in their location. Especially if we think turks, around 140 countless numbers turks live in west thrace. So , this kind of spreading of culture and values may be problem for present and next years. Especially these turks are risk against common conscious of cultural security comprehension of Greece. As well, increasing of population of this minority each year, it will be even more bigger danger point against greece in future years. Additionally , these minorities will want more rights and new correct demands from greece, this example will be danger against sociable structure of greece.

The different security understanding is political security. This means that reliability of politics institutions of state. Simple subject and focusing is definitely state establishments and the usage of these establishments. Demolish for this structure is threat diagnosis. Political threat types are nine. These are, intentional risk, intentional risk to claims on political ideological argument, Inadvertent unit based threats to declares nation vulnerable states, unintentional threats to states upon political ideological grounds, security of and against supranational regional the use, systematic principled threats against states which have been vulnerable due to nation point out split, strength systematic principle threat towards the state upon political ideologic ground, hazards to transnational movements that command great loyalty from their numbers and threats to international contemporary society, order and law. Deliberate threat implies that intervention of one country to wholeness of another region. According to it, minorities are threat against politics security of greece to get nowadays and future 10 years. Alot of minorities live in Greece. Homelands of such minorities can easily demand correct over america. And there might be intervention to wholeness of Greece too. For example , Turkey will use turkish minority in greece and it will intervene to structure of greece at a later date. Especially if we believe minorities difficulty between Turkey and Greece, this situation is inevitable. In accordance to deliberate threat to states about political ideological grounds, The ussr and Portugal has some religious beliefs. And Russia will use it and it will pass on its ideology to Greece in following years. Especially religion plays important role in this subject. Even as we see, these kinds of interventions will be threat against institutional of Greece.

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