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The Decision

Excerpt from Term Paper:

The ignorance which was hassle has been taken out. In a group where the persons of equal status include gathered, have sense and aptitude on the relevant theme, the collection of people with difference in status will not be productive, as well as the possibility of the singularity of idea, and acceptance on the basis of seniority will be the elements of concern. The lower status member is less likely to are at odds of the issue and execute of the group actions, which will develop groupthink. The reduced status member is less probably among the dissenters because this sort of act will offend the seniors, which will develop adverse consequences in the performance and the professional association with the firm and the substantial command.

Issue No . three or more

The happening of the groupthink can be avoided, provided that the best of the group takes on dominant, neutral and significant role inside the proceedings of the group session. It’s the responsibility from the crew leader to assign the ‘role of critical evaluator to each member’, and shall avoid any kind of preferential treatment towards particular member. The best choice shall be mindful, not to reveal the level of objectives he/she talk about from the certain member, plus the encouraging and positive attitude shall be used towards just about every member. This kind of practices will eventually make active involvement of the complete member, and various possible solutions will arise as a result of these kinds of interactive way. The groupthink can be averted if more than one expert will be invited inside the group debate, the responsibility of the expert shall be to assess the relevancy of the proposals by the group members. Professionals shall further challenge the contributions in the participants, that can eventually make broadening with their perspective and opinions. The member of the group shall ‘discuss the groups’ deliberations with a trustworthy associate and report returning to the group on the associate’s reactions’ about routine basis, which will help inside the assessment with the contributions, plus the relevance from the different plans and choices (Robert, 2006).

Question No . 4

The size and the cohesiveness of the group will be controlled. How big the group shall under no circumstances be improved in order to acquire better response or number of contributions, alternatively the quality of the members should be assessed, as well as the number of individuals for the group number shall be assessed on the basis of qualitative standards and experience. The cohesiveness should be discouraged, and folks with distinctions shall be the constituent from the crew, this will inspire open, fair and translucent discussion involving the group, as well as the impact from the groupthink will be minimal.


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