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Camaraderie, United Nations, Prisoners Rights, Personal Responsibility

Excerpt from Thesis:

The Irish troops are uneasy with the media they now show to each other.

The next day that, they are really playing cards when Donovan comes back and addresses with Bonaparte outside. He tells him that he has come to perform Hawkins and Belcher for the reason that British have shot several Irish criminals of battle. Donovan alerts them never to alarm the British but to tell them they are really being transmitted. Noble are not able to stomach the thought and wishes nothing to carry out with this, so Donovan sends him ahead to dig the graves.

The Englishmen no longer really want to keep their friends, but are persuaded by Donovan and Bonaparte to go with them. As they are strolling into a swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire, Donovan tells the Uk what is gonna happen. They are really unbelieving that could happen and argue, but to no acquire. Bonaparte says that he could be having a hard time with this kind of and really will not want to have to kill these people.

Hawkins is usually shot in the back of the head following trying to get Commendable and Bonaparte to help him.

However , Hawkins does not expire right away and Belcher requires that the Irish finish him off. Then simply Belcher will take his handkerchief and puts it around his own sight, and Donovan shoots him. Bonaparte and Noble do not have anything to do with the killings, and are quite upset.

When the Uk soldiers resume the house and the old female, she demands but then figures out for herself what has happened and prays. Bonaparte says that he will under no circumstances look at points the same again and that he seems a sense of loneliness.


The human mind and heart within an unusual environment of a relaxing location in the midst of war. That may be one of the themes that O’Connor studies with this story. The temporal quality of ideology is another. We see this towards the end of O’Connor’s piece the moment one of the English prisoners offers to become a traitor to save his life, sacrificing his life-long beliefs and loyalty in a moment of panic.

What I believe O’Connor does with this account as well is to display the between individual emotion which of obligation, honor, nation. Bonaparte, each of our narrator, becomes so friendly with the English captives that he considers they wouldn’t even make an effort to escape the house where they can be being organised. He sees their humankind rather than just viewing all of them as captives

Yet ultimately when it is his duty as a soldier to execute his close friends and prisoners, he admits that matter-of-factly which a few British soldiers was executed and, “you are to be shot being a reprisal. inch As with the Nazis during WWII, this individual frees him self of virtually any personal responsibility by talking regarding duty. In the long run though, we come across a sliver of humankind sneak through as the narrator lets us know that none Bonaparte nor Noble pull the bring about on their “friends. “


O’Connor, Farrenheit. (1987). Friends of the region. Dublin: Poolbeg

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